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Sasha Obama is a high school graduate. If you can believe it, the former president and Michelle Obama’s youngest daughter, who just turned 18 this week, has completed her time at Washington, D.C.’s Sidwell Friends and is off to college this fall.

Rumor has it she’s heading to the University of Michigan, but there’s been no confirmation. If you remember, her sister took a “gap year” before attending Harvard University and is will be beginning her junior year this fall. What is time? Where did it go?


You may have to squint but Sasha is in the second row from the back, fourth from the left.

According to U.S. Weekly, Sasha graduated on June 9th, with her parents in attendance. Former vice-president and current presidential candidate Joe Biden was also there supporting both Sasha and his granddaughter Maisie who was also a graduate.

Photos were taken by some other graduates but disappeared from Instagram. So these are the only photos you’ll be seeing, unless you’re friends with the Obamas.



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