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A family accusing Phoenix police of misconduct is seeking $10 million from the city after an incident that began with a child taking a doll from a dollar store, KTAR News reports.

A notice of claim was filed Thursday morning and it accuses police officers of battery, unlawful imprisonment, false arrest, infliction of emotional distress and violation of the family’s civil rights.

According to the claim, Dravon Ames and Iesha Harper, who is five months pregnant, didn’t realize their 4-year-old took a doll from a Family Dollar Store until they were in the car.

The family drove to an apartment building near by, where their babysitter lives. That’s when they say a police car pulled up behind them with “no sirens or lights.”

“We’re talking about a little doll that’s worth maybe $5 and the horrors that came from the overreaction to that,” said former Arizona Attorney General Tom Horne, who is representing the family.

That’s when the family claims an officer approached Ames, who was in the driver’s seat, pointed a gun at him and said, “I’m going to put a cap in your ass.” The officer also said, “I’m gonna shoot you in your (expletive) face.”

Their 4-year-old and their 1-year-old children were in the backseat of the car.

According to the family, the officer pulled Ames out of the car, kicked him in the right leg, and punched him in the back.

“He kicked me pretty hard,” Ames said. “I’m still limping.”

The officer also pointed a gun at the mother and children inside, the claim said.

Ames and Harper claim they were put into handcuffs and that threats with profanity were made.

“They held guns on these little girls,” Rev. Jarrett Maupin, a civil rights activist, told azfamily.com. “They held guns on these two parents.”

Some of the incident was caught on camera, but the family says five to 10 minutes went by before people started filming.

“After this, me and my daughters will never be the same anymore or feel the same for police because it seems like every police is out for blood or something. We wasn’t really doing anything,” said Harper.

The claim says the car was impounded and Ames’ injuries, due to the police brutality, are making him unable to work.

They are suing for $2.5 million for each family member.

10 thoughts on “Phoenix Officer Pulls Gun On Black Family Over ‘Stolen’ Doll From Dollar Store [Video]

  1. americanize on said:

    All this for a 99 cents doll.This is what a race war looks like.Typical actions of the race soldiers when they confront black people.Doesn’t matter if children are present.Black America you have no friends.

  2. Queen on said:

    terrible. they could have just been told to come back to the store and either pay for the doll or return it. children do things and sometimes parents don’t know it. a $5 doll? that is ridiculous. pointing a gun at a mother and her children-unnecessary roughness.

  3. Zero sympathy for these violent racists, now or ever. It is a well known fact that blacks have lower iq’s thank whites and Asians and lack impulse control. They commit violent crimes at 5 times the rate of whites and 7 times the rate of Asians. All 100 percent true.

  4. Phoenix Rising on said:

    This is why no one gives a shit when a cop gets shot and killed. Unnecessary roughness. No empathy, compassion or common sense for their fellow human beings. They are equivalent to the assholes that call the cops on black people for just being black. Now, before the regular clowns on here (you know who you are, Jpunk, AAW, Butter Fingers) get your panties in a wad, no one is saying that the police shouldn’t have been called, but there is a way to approach a situation in a civil manner. No one was violent for them to come there with guns drawn for a $1 cheap ass toy. Shouldn’t they find out what happened before they go all Rambo on this family? If the parents didn’t know, they didn’t know. You have a man with two kids and a pregnant woman shopping at the Dollar Store. It’s the Dollar Store. It’s not Macys, nor Neiman Marcus, and it took what…how many cowards to show up? I guarantee none of those cowards were ever on the front line in war. Their man job throughout the week…petty thefts committed by minors under the age of four, and baiting unlocked bicycles. Phoenix taxpayers should be real happy to know this is how their tax dollars are being spent.

    • See, this is the reason no one gives a shit when a black man is gunned down by a cop. Shoving everyone into the same category. Not all cops are bad and not all young black men are thugs. But it’s people like you who continue to perpetuate this kind of ignorance that keeps us moving backward. Btw, some people do care when a cop who is just out doing his job is slaughtered in the streets. But we also want to see the ones like this knuckle dragger get kicked off the force and punished for traumatizing a young family for no reason. Just him. No reason to punish all cops for what he did. There is also no reason to punish all blacks for what some do. We can all be thankful that not all cops think like you. Now, THAT would be bad.
      I hope this family gets every cent they ask for. The lunatic that assaulted this man should be charged with a crime just like any other criminal. I hope that Mr. Ames, Ms. Harper, and their children recover and can move on from this.

  5. Laquita Strange on said:

    Is this becoming the new normal for blacks? There was no reason to point their guns at the children. What did they think they were going to do? Police have to be held accountable for their actions,and quit thinking they are above the law for which they are sworn to serve and protect all citizens,no matter race,creed or color.

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