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Someone finally got the legendary Clarence Avant to talk and share his story! Reginald Hudlin directed a documentary called The Black Godfather that tells his story.

Hudlin says Avant is “one of those guys who has been shaping Black popular culture but you’ve never heard of him.” That’s how he wanted it to be, he never wanted to be famous. Avant enjoyed being “behind the scenes making things happen,” Hudlin explained, “Clarence didn’t want you to know who he was.”

We do recognize a number of the people that he helped influence, like Barack Obama, Mohammed Ali, Babyface and so many more.

Finally, at 88-years-old,  Avant is ready to tell his story. Hudlin was very excited to get the call and says this is three years in the making. The plan was to do about 30 interviews over the course of a year, but every time they talked to someone they connected them to someone else to talk to. It ended up being 75 interviews over 3 years.

The Black Godfather is available now on Netflix. Check out the trailer below: