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Recently, during a high school graduation, one proud but voluptuous mother decided to twerk in celebration of her son’s latest milestone.

Black Twitter seems to be split over the mother’s hilarious antics in a now viral video that shows her curbing the traditional way we’ve come to expect folks to react at a graduation. Instead, she has sparked debate across social media about acting in a manner that many consider distasteful.

The video shows the woman in a yellow jumpsuit that leaves very little to the imagination. When her son’s name is called, she begins twerking in front of the shocked audience.

The online reaction to the video is mixed, with many viewers admitting that they’re not sure how they would react during their child’s high school graduation. Others have slammed the mother for stealing the spotlight away from her child on his big day.

It’s possible the mother teased her son that she was going to embarrass him by twerking when his name is called during the ceremony. Maybe they find ratchetness amusing… *KanyeShrug*

Maybe she’s been through hell and back with this kid and just when she thought all hope was lost… he made it to the finish line and she wanted to #turnup for the occasion.

Or maybe mom just wanted to wild out in her yellow bodysuit and purple hair.

Folks are also criticizing the school’s resource officer for taking his sweet time to put an end to the mom’s silly display.

Peep the clip above and let us know if the mother’s actions were inappropriate, and check out some of the reactions from Twitter users below.

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23 thoughts on “Proud Mom Twerks At Son’s Graduation [Video]

  1. stephanie on said:

    Congratulations to your son and all the other graduates. But as that young man’s mom, you’re selfish, it was his day, you not only stole that, you also embarrassed him and his classmates. You are trifling, classless, disgusting and no self pride, shame on you mom

  2. Really on said:

    Wow! the school let her twerk in front of those kids like that? I’m surprised that she got away with that. Just to think, Black college kids got/ get in trouble doing respectful cultural celebratory dances during a college graduation at Florida State University .

    In this mothers case,I thought that her twerking was not appropriate for the graduation ..especially for a children’s graduation. Thats for clubs.

    • African American Woman on said:

      Pulling the old victim card again. NO ONE should be dancing at a graduation ceremony. It’s an event to honor the hard word and dedication of the graduating students. How about people going back to having respect for important events and stop this stupid trend of “look at me everyone!” People have become so sickening and narcissistic. Everybody doesn’t give a damn about other’s desperate need for attention.

  3. Just did a great job of validating a humiliating stereotype. Set the black race back a million years and her son will be known for her actions. DAR!

    • Butter Pecan on said:

      Because she’s a black woman desperarate for attention. Why else? Ain’t no secret why other people don’t want to around our shiggidy

  4. Butter Pecan on said:

    Black women are the most ratchet whores among us. I dare any of you hood rats to show me a video of a white mother whoring herself like this

  5. African American Woman on said:

    What a disgusting and trifling thing to do. Her son gets ONLY one highschool graduation and she uses it to grab attention. What happened to pride and respect? People have become so disgustingly narcissistic these days, its sickening.

    • blacknote on said:

      Couldn’t have said it better myself sister. I don’t believe this was not a spur of the moment type thing. I believe she planned to perform this classless act in advance. My son’s graduation was 6/1 at a church in our area. The yelling and screaming was to be expected but the cursing? The day before at his rehearsal, his female classmates were twerking in the church parking lot. I had to say something to them and they weren’t receptive. This culture of classlessness has gripped our society (and community) in ways that’s hard to reverse at this point.

  6. I understand celebrating your child achievement but MOM went overboard. If adults don’t know how to conduct themselves in public, what can you say about children when they do outrageous acts?

  7. She did NOT need to TWERK at her son’s graduation-WTF was she thinking??????
    She must have thought she was being cute.—NOT!!!!!!!!!

      • americanize on said:

        @ But hurt Pecan Listen up,its not good having sex with your dog,or any animal I know you white folks like that sh*t but its not healthy it affects your brain.Now here’s a suggestion.Kill yourself.

  8. Treyray on said:

    Could have been a prank for son, but it was a bit to much. And her size had nothing to do with it she was way overboard with the twerking! I don’t know if her son was embarrassed or not but it was enough to be embarrassed about.

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