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Well , well, well. We haven’t heard from this guy in a while and he’s definitely a sight for sore eyes that have been forced to look at the orange disaster in the White House 24/7, it seems.

Yes, Mr. No Drama Obama, we miss you madly, which is why we’re thrilled to bring you this feel good story about what 44 is doing with the children these days.

This week, our favorite former prez, Barack Obama, delighted a bunch of kids – and one little wide receiver in particular — by visiting the Washington Nationals foundation & Youth Baseball Academy in D.C.

He didn’t hold back from showing off his pigskin throwin’ and baseball hittin’ skills with the youngsters.

Here are the deets via TMZ:

He was appointed QB in a pickup football game, and uncorked a touchdown pass. Doesn’t look like it was a tight spiral, but either way, the kid on the other end made a hell of a catch.

Then, 44 stepped up to the plate and ripped a double in the gap. Probably could have stretched it into a triple … but he showboated a little running to first.

Obama also delivered a motivational speech to the kids, telling them to work hard and believe in themselves … and they’ll do great things.

He added, “I had a blast with all these extraordinary young people.”





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9 thoughts on “Barack Obama Has Fun Hanging Out With Some Kids In D.C. [WATCH]

    • Dwight Power on said:

      Yo Tanisha:: You do realize it was Obozo who encouraged knee grows to embrace the “Fuk Da Police” attitude???? Y’all must become members of the Dindo-Nuffin Tribe under 44. Good Call….45 Lowest Unemp. You’re welcome

  1. jhuf on said:

    Wow look at the Boy King smiling for the camera while all the time brooding over which failed policy or achievement ( like no $20 Tubman’s)The Trumpster will toss in the sh!t can like a used condom at a bachelor party, speaking of staying up all night wondering where/what and who that oldest daughter is
    is running around drinking and —— with, watching Micheal/Michelle sitting around getting fat and flabby still wandering which one them has the biggest d!@k and secretly berating Nancy Polosi for bogus investigations that like Clinton in the 90’s will hand a second term to The Don
    who knows with a change in the constitution a 3rd MAGAMAGA2020

    • Bytch get off this website with your fake bs. The worse person in the real, is the clown in chief your dumbass voted for. 2020 can’t get here soon enuff

      • lois on said:

        jhuf can spew all the venom s/he wants. History will speak for itself. Mr. Obama will always be MY president. He’s a real class act, the kids love him, he’s a people-person (unlike the hateful orange clown that squats in the WH now), he’s a devoted family man AND scandal-free. And, oh yeah–PRESIDENT OBAMA is physically and mentally fit; I’m sure his doctors don’t have to lie about his health status.

  2. Passing Through!! on said:

    Wow look at President Obama living life drama, scandal free. No worries of impeachment or prison looming. No staying up at night overdosing on cheeseburgers, KFC and chocolate cake hoping the judge will block the release of his dirty taxes. Sleeping in a separate bed from his wife because your whore mistress but you on blast. Don’t have to worry whether Malia and Sasha might be indicted..Nope President Obama is outside on a sunny day playing football with the kids…Keep winning President Obama.

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