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(The Dallas Morning News via AP)

DALLAS (AP) — A 23-year-old transgender woman whose beating in front of a crowd was captured on video has been found dead on a Dallas street, police said.

Muhlaysia Booker was found face-down early Saturday after officers were called following reports of shots being fired. She was pronounced dead at the scene, authorities said.

Booker died from “homicidal violence,” said police Maj. Vincent Weddington. He did not elaborate. No suspect has been identified.

Weddington said there’s no evidence indicating a link between the shooting and the April 12 beating Booker suffered after she was involved in a minor traffic accident . A police affidavit released at the time said Booker accidentally backed into a vehicle before the driver of that vehicle pointed a gun at her and refused to let her leave unless she paid for the damage.

As a crowd gathered, someone offered $200 to a man to beat the woman, who suffered a concussion, fractured wrist and other injuries, police said. Other men also struck Booker, with one stomping on her head. Edward Thomas, 29, was arrested and jailed on a charge of aggravated assault.

A cellphone recording showed her being beaten as the crowd hollered and watched. Video of the attack was shared on social media.

Booker attended a rally the following week where she said she was grateful to have survived.

“This time I can stand before you, where in other scenarios, we’re at a memorial,” The Dallas Morning News reported her as saying.

Weddington said the investigation into the April attack continues.

“We’re still attempting to identify other people that were seen assaulting Muhlaysia in the video,” he said.

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5 thoughts on “Texas Transgender Woman Seen In Videotaped Attack Found Dead

  1. Ted Gravely on said:

    White trash lives don’t matter. That’s why a white boy just severed his old mammy’s head. Get outta here with that unoriginal nonsense. White people got hatred and murder on lock. Now the movie boys don’t cry was made in 1999. Black folks will never equal the real world devils and sick twisted crap. White people made this nonsense okay. A boy tucking his manhood and sleeping with men. Disgusting. Now, this is tragic all around. I don’t have to agree with the lifestyle, but I also don’t have to strike out in violence. However, there are some men who don’t want another man touching them. It is not their insecurities, it’s their utter disgust and the fact that it is unnatural. Let’s say if they get, “tricked.” Then that thing runs away laughing – – I’mbjust saying, don’t. Some men will never get over the embarrassment. They will seek revenge for the insult. I’m not saying that’s what happened in this situation nor am I saying that this person deserved to die. I’m just saying , some men don’t want a man pretending to be a woman or transitioning – they want a woman that came out of her mother’s womb, A Natural Woman. All others need not apply!

  2. Beatrice L Brown on said:

    Anybody believes this was random then I got a bridge crossing the Mississippi called the GNO I can let you have for 75% off .

  3. ResponsibilityInControl on said:

    BLM????? Again here is another young MAN killed at the hands of other African American men.

  4. So sad.
    I wonder if she was killed by the same people who previously attacked her?
    Folks need to LIVE AND LET OTHERS LIVE!!!!!!!!!

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