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When William Barr testified before congress and D.L. says he “lied openly.” He says this because on several occasions his story changed, and he obviously didn’t know that when a Black Woman asks you a question they already know the answer. Kamala Harris asked him simple yes or no questions he fumbled around and couldn’t formulate an answer. D.L. believes this is because, “everybody associated with Donald Trump is loosely associated with the truth.” William Barr, Michael Flynn, Michael Cohen, Jared Kushner, and others associated with Trump all, “lied to congress.” Those associated with him that have not been called before congress all “lie constantly.”

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2 thoughts on “DL’s GED Section: William Barr’s Testimony

  1. Edward J Jones on said:

    Trump never wanted Mueller to testify. Trump is a liar and master manipulator (or so he thinks). He actually thinks he is smarter than everyone else wherever he’s at. This is truly the worst person that could have ever been in the position of president. Everything he does is for self gratification nothing else. And he has actually fooled some into thinking his intentions are honorable and just when it’s so obvious that the wrongdoing he accuses others of are things he is guilty of himself. All other presidents have been transparent with their finances, tax returns, etc. Yet Trump feels he doesn’t have to adhere to tradition or protocols. Trump feels he’s so special that he only wants to do what he wants regardless of what really needs to be or is required to be done. He’ll loose in 2020 and refuse to accept being defeated. Guaranteed, Trump will refuse to leave.

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