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If you’re like Tom and you have zero Avengers knowledge you need to keep reading! Avengers: Endgame is out now and you cannot go into the movie without having at least seen Infinity War. But, Tom has not seen it….so Lavell does his best to explain who Thanos is and why he must die.

This is Lavell’s breakdown. “Thanos is a real thug from out of space,” so and he’s the whole reason the Endgame movie exists. Thanos is angry because he was the ugly duckling on his own planet. Once he got with the mistress of death (who you met on Thor Ragnarok when Thor was kicked off of his planet) he turned into basically “a traveling Hitler.” He’d go around killing people, destroying planets and even taking kids to raise as his own (like Gamora).

In Infinity War Thanos went around collecting infinity stones (powerful colorful rocks) and putting them in his gantlet (glove) to destroy the universe. He was successful and destroyed half of the people on earth. So, now it’s up to the remaining Avengers to save the universe.

Lavell highly recommends watching Infinity War before going to see End Game.  


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