Some people do law of attraction one or two weeks and then wonder why a Ferrari doesn’t show up at their door driven by a hottie. Law of attraction is a mindset you must practice. If you’ve been thinking negatively for 30 years and your life is a mess, changing your mindset and your life will take time. Find one thing to be grateful for. Start keeping lists of daily things to be grateful for, even if it’s that you are alive and breathing and able to read this post. Maybe the toll collector smiled at you. Maybe your favorite song came on when you were at Target. Maybe it’s that you were at Target. Anything that can be viewed as a positive in your day or your life can help you to start making changes. He or she left you? Great, they made room for someone better who truly loves you.

They took your money? It was a lesson for you to trust your instincts. Your child flunked 10th grade? Its a chance for them to take school more seriously and for you to stop doing more than you should be doing to help. Anything you experience you can put a positive spin on it. Don’t get us wrong. Significant trauma, abusive relationships, terminal diagnoses are all horrible things. But the idea of law of attraction is to find one good thing and focus on that. (However, we also believe in therapy and law enforcement, should that be required. Law of attraction does not mean to put yourself or others in danger staying in bad situations. In fact, a mindset that is positive may help you see that you deserve more).


YouTube is one of the great resources for Law of Attraction. All you need is your phone and some headphones and you’re good. You can listen to Law of Attraction audio and video day and night and find the teachers that resonate most for you. There are also apps and podcasts that focus on Law of Attraction and several meditation apps. We like Insight Timer which has a plethora of guided meditations. Audiobooks from some of Law Of Attraction’s most powerful speakers and thinkers are readily available. Find one you connect with and go from there.


Oprah Winfrey has long lived by the law of attraction and introduced many to its principles via her daytime talk show. Will Smith may not call it Law of Attraction specifically but he lives by its principles, as illustrated by his life and what he has shared about success. Many other celebrities and athletes have talked about seeing their lives and careers turn out the way they did years before they were ever famous or accomplished in their field. Yes, it took them practice and works and years of honing their craft, but it was the vision they imagined before it became a reality and their confidence in it that drove them.


Here are a few books that are great to start with:

The Game of Life and How To Play It – Florence Scovell Shinn

The Power of Positive Thinking Norman Vincent Peale 

The Law of Attraction: The Basics of The Teachings of Abraham  by Esther and Jerry Hicks 

Neville Goddard: The Essential Collection 


You Tube Links:

Oprah on the Law of Attraction:

Abraham Hicks On How To Allow The Things You Want:

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