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HBCU Homecomings are events like none other. The atmosphere, events, and celebration is something that brings graduates and others to campus every fall. Jacque Reid goes Inside Her Story with Lauren Grant who along with her co founder, brought HBCU Springcoming to New York.

Grant, a FAMU graduate, says she and her co founder, a Morehouse grad, realized a lot of their classmates couldn’t get to homecoming.  So, they thought, “what if we brought an HBCU homecoming to New York?” And that’s what they did. HBCU Springcoming is the first festival in NYC in the springtime and Grant calls it a celebration of “Black excellence.”

The atmosphere is full of “fun and fellowship,” she says. This event isn’t just for HBCU grads, in fact 30% of attendies last year were PWI grads. In addition to all of the fun they also award scholarships to students from the 5 burrows of New York and New Jersey who plan to attend an HBCU. Visit for more info.