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Wendy Williams‘ wedding ring and her left hand/3rd finger are no longer together. Yes, the ring has gone bye bye. Maybe.

The turn of events, if permanent, is interesting in light of what the TV host said to the world when she got back from her two month hiatus where she appeared to speak to rumors about her husband’s cheating.

“I’m still very much in love with my husband,” she said. “Don’t ask me about mine.” Pointing to her wedding ring, Williams added, “It ain’t going anywhere. Not in this lifetime.”

In any event, on Monday morning, according to Page Six (where you can see the photo of her hand minus the ring), as she was seen leaving her sober-living facility minus her huge wedding ring. But, the site also reported that she put the ring back on to tape her show.

Here’s more via Page Six:

Williams’ friend Paul Porter recently told Page Six that she has to dump Hunter in order to save herself.

“I thought she was going to pass out,” Porter said. “I’m worried about her health. Somebody needs to do something.”

Porter, who said he’s talked with Williams a hundred times in the past two years, said Williams’ husband, the producer of her show, is a “control freak” and “a terror.”

Williams thought of divorcing him last year when she reportedly learned he’d impregnated “his mistress,” Porter said. “They went to counseling. For some reason, she can’t break away.”

The site also added that “The Breakfast Club” co-host Charlamagne Tha God, who used to be a close friend of Williams and Hunter, said that Hunter is “sucking the life” out of Williams. The radio host also admitted he introduced Hunter to Sharina Hudson, 10 years ago but it was solely for business purposes.a Now, not only is she his alleged mistress, but she also alleged to be pregnant by Hunter.

“Just because I introduce you to someone doesn’t mean 10 years later you need to be in a picture with them showing all your teeth and her throwing up duck lips and a peace sign,” Charlamagne wants you to know.

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