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Ashanti, last name, Douglas may not be poppin’ on the charts like she used ta do back in the day, but that doesn’t mean fans don’t wanna hear from her. In fact, they really want to SEE her.

Yessir buddy, Miss Ashanti knows she’s got the goods and has zero problems show off her hot bod on social media to keep fans happy.

With that in mind, the singer/actress and body sculptor took to social media and thankfully shared some sanps that that show the world what she’s working with.

According to Celebrity Insider, the pics of her wearing a bright pink bikini, with no makeup, were taken in Trinidad.

Fans are definitely diggin’ what they’re seeing and gave her mucho props for not going the liposuction or plastic surgery route.  Nope, that’s not how how home girl is doing it. She’s doing it the hard way … exercising and and eating healthy. God bless her!

Here’s what one fan had to say: “Lawd hammercy goodness gracious she is a fine, fine woman. She way finer than any Kardashian 💀💀 How has she not been wifed or had a baby?”

The compliments didn’t stop. How about this one: “She really do. She’s either working out or on vacation. 😄Natural bodies over everything.Now that’s a definition of a real body 😍 non – plastic.”

And this dude couldn’t believe his lucky eyes: “I’m about to report her page, ain’t no way a human can be this fine!😩This woman is undeniably beautiful naturally…Bad and it’s ALL NATURAL… not an injection insight.😍😍”

When not working on her killer body, Ashanti is dropping new tracks. She recently said:

Just so you know, Ashanti, 38, is not tending to her bod 24/7. She’s still working on music ’cause like any singer who wants to relevant, she needs a hit.

“The new music, I’m saying things that I haven’t said before and I probably wouldn’t. But I think it’s important to be just honest, transparent, [and] vulnerable at times and just be real. There are gonna be a few people that are gonna be mad about some of the things I’m talking about in these records. I’ve always written records from the heart, so if it’s something that I’m not going through, maybe someone I’m close to has gone through it. But a lot of this stuff that I’m talking about, I’m going through. Some people [are] gonna be mad.”

Ashanti Living It Up In Thailand!
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