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Mike Tyson has revealed that he wouldn’t let his kid hang out with Michael Jackson but says those who allege the King of Pop molested them are “wrong” to come forward now.

“I wouldn’t let my kid go over Michael’s house. I love Michael. You know what I mean?,” the former boxer said on the I Am Rapaport podcast on Monday (March 11) about the controversy surrounding “Leaving Neverland,” the documentary that centers on Wade Robson and James Safechuck, who allege Jackson sexually abused them when they were children.

Tyson, who was good friends with Jackson, said: “I have an eight-year-old kid – I wouldn’t let Michael hang out with my kid. I wouldn’t let my kid go over Michael’s house. I love Michael. You know what I mean?”

Side note: y’all remember the time Tyson told a female reporter that he doesn’t grant interviews to female reporters unless he “fornicates” with them?

Watch the jaw-dropping moment via the video embed below.

Elsewhere in Tyson’s chat on Rapport’s podcast, he also acknowledged that his own conviction for rape in 1992 meant that some parents wouldn’t let their children spend time with him.

“It’s like some people say, ‘Well listen, you’re Mike Tyson. I wouldn’t let my daughter around you cause you’ve been to prison for rape.’

“I respect that, I understand that. It’s f*cked, but I understand that because I would think the same thing.”

Tyson believes what Jackson’s alleged victims claim they endured was “horrible” but for them to speak out against the late pop star now seems like a money-grab.

“What you’re doing now is even wrong,” Tyson said, referencing Robson and Safechuck. “Coming out saying this stuff. It comes across that these are guys just out to get some money”.

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9 thoughts on “Mike Tyson: ‘I Wouldn’t Let My Kid Go Over Michael Jackson’s House’

  1. Shebe on said:

    Mike, sit your dumb a$$ down! You’re too stupid to be a father and such an idiot that you couldn’t see that robin was playing your ignorant ass! Exodus, is dec’d, and do you know if she was your child? I can’t imagine any woman wanting to have your baby.

  2. Yea right…..this from an abuser and someone who bites off pieces of another person’s ear – boy, go somewhere and sit down.

  3. Well Mike, I don’t think you have to worry about that! You have no ‘kids’ and the King of Pop is dead. So it’s all a mute point!

  4. Say What! on said:

    These guys are liars. MJ did put himself in a position for people to be able to lie on him and he realized that later (that why he did not go back to Neverland). And when people went to Neverland, the whole families were there. Right now, MJ is a money maker for everyone including the media. Never seen media people talk about anyone or any other celeb who has been gone for 10 years like he is still alive. $$$$$$$ for them but it seem most people are tired of it. That is why LN was FLOP! Only MJ haters and tabloids are still talking about this trash. Too much stuff are coming out about these liars.

    • prerogmy on said:

      I believe that they, that ol’ Safechuck and Robson, are lying. It is about money and about ensuring that MJ’s legacy as the king of pop is ruined. Will NOT happen. Chuck is not safe and son of Rob are evil liars.

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