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(Washington co sheriff’s office)

A Mississippi mother who left her three children in a vehicle that rolled into a creek has been arrested and charged with negligent manslaughter, reports USA Today.

Jenea Monique Payne, 25, was reportedly arrested Monday and charged with two counts of negligent manslaughter and one count of child neglect, according to Leland Assistant Chief of Police Marcus Davis.

According to reports, Payne left her three children — Steve Smith, 4; Raelynn Johnson, 2; and Rasheed Johnson Jr., 1 — asleep in the car while she went inside of a store. She told authorities the car was turned off, but she left the keys in the car. But, according to witnesses the car was in park and running at the time of the incident.

The 4-year-old was in a seatbelt in the front seat while the youngest two children were in carseats in the back, David said. Payne was in the store for “five to 10 minutes.”

Davis said investigators believe the 4-year-old put the keys in the ignition, turned the car on and put it in neutral, causing it to roll into the creek.

“We’ll look into it further,” he said.

Payne was charged for the children’s deaths, Davis said, because “she ended up leaving three minors unattended for a length of time when she went into a store. That’s illegal in itself. That was part of the negligence that led ultimately to their deaths.”

Payne bonded out of jail Monday afternoon, Davis said. The bond amount was not immediately available. An attorney has not yet been appointed.

When asked about Payne being charged with manslaughter on what could possibly have been an accident, Davis told the publication, “The charge ain’t the problem. It’s losing the children that’s the problem. That’s the horrible thing.”

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15 thoughts on “Two Boys Died In An SUV That Rolled Into A Creek While Their Mom Was In A Store

  1. Christianforreal on said:

    I have a question, People,while what happened was appalling.And this mother should have been way more careful than she exhibited. Omg, I just had a thought: look at the face on the mug shot. Does she look like a mother who JUST lost two of her precious 3 babies? She looks like a person who is not concerned about that. Maybe that was her plan, all the time. Idk anything about the area in which this happened, but if you know the possibilities, why would you do this unless it’s a plan? She left the keys in the car that was possibly running with a 4 year old in the front seat in an area where it can JUST drift off into a creep. I do not any longer believe it was negligence or an accident. It’s a Jussie Smollet!!!

    Here’s my original question, Why is it that law enforcement are SO concerned about our young black children, especially when they are injured or killed by blacks, whether it be friend or foe, yet they are the same ones who kill and/or maim our black men for no apparent reason?

    • African American Woman on said:

      I’m stealing that “It’s a Jussie Smollett” when I run across something that’s too shady to be true. Your last part I don’t understand. Shouldn’t we be SO concerned about who hurts our kids MORE than anyone else? And unfortunately, WE kill US more than anyone else could.

    • Sharon Phillips-Pittman on said:

      Do not judge a book by its cover You don’t know she feel You are angry when you are being told you killed your children. It was a accident that she did not caused but played a big part in by leaving the keys is the truck. I wish America start having empathy for others instead of judging and pitting them down But when you yourself do wrong in which all of us do We want
      understanding and forgiveness.

      • African American Woman on said:

        No, its not an accident to leave 3 little boys in a car, RUNNING, and going into the store without them. That’s an on purpose. That’s an I don’t feel like being bothered with my own children. Who gives a damn if she’s mad. I’m mad that 2 of those innocent babies died because of this selfish jackass.

  2. Tone, we do not respond to Butter Pecan or jhuf on this thread – – they are nothing but ignorant, bigoted, racist inbred trailer trash. We use our intelligence to communicate with each other and not waste good energy on them. Peace.

  3. Katrina A on said:

    Awwww Butter Pecan…look back into your ancestry and see who cared for or raised your ancestors. Stop throwing rocks because I see everyday nannies raising your kids. She was just young and totally dumb.

  4. Denise G on said:

    Okay I will never condone anyone leaving their kids in a car never HOWEVER I am Appalled at the comment of this Butter Pecan!! HOW DARE YOU! weather she did it or not or whatever the case may be I am a PR Latina who grew up in the hood with many Black Queens and have many in my family this comment you wrote shows your intelligence or may I say lack of! WITH any race you cannot judge everyone because of ones ignorance- I hope you reap what you sow I hope one of your sons or grandsons marries a black QUEEN so she can show you what and how a QUEEN SHOULD ACT LIKE! You are a horrible human BUTTER PECAN!

  5. Butter Pecan on said:

    Black women are the worst stewards of life on the planet. Look at this hood rat. Kids by multiple men, Welfare Queen

    • Autumn on said:

      Stank whore Butter Pecan bitch wash your funky ass! You want people to believe you got something going but in reality you’re an welfare bitch who hates herself with bastard kids. Slut get lost!

  6. African American Woman on said:

    Strap this idiot into a car and let it roll into a lake. Everybody with one working brain cell knows its illegal to leave small children unattended in a car. There is no excuse…this piece of trash was too selfish and uncaring to make sure those innocent babies were safe inside the store. I cannot imagine the horror they must have felt being overcome by water, trapped in a car. Senseless deaths at the hands of a selfish idiot.

  7. Ted Gravely on said:

    I don’t understand people leaving their kids in the car. Obviously, she didn’t think through the consequences. There is no such thing as running into the store when you have babies. As inconvenient as it is – take them with You!

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