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The hashtag #MuteRKelly has really taken off on social media and Jacque Reid goes Inside Her Story with it’s co founder, Kenyette Barnes to find out what that means.

Barnes feels that Kelly’s Interview with Gayle King was “a little bit more of sensationalism that an actual expose.” However, she does say that it is very telling; she saw his behavior during the inter view as “classic abuser behavior.”

King also interviewed two of Kelly’s alleged victims and according to reports Kelly was on the set giving the young girls instructions. Barnes calls that behavior “grooming” and says that is what has caused so many of his victims to stand up for him. Those behaviors cause reality to be “completely reconfigured” for his victims as well as victims of other abusers,

Barnes feels that the interview was uncalled for and would like to see people “stop giving people who need to face accountability a platform.” She has been following Kelly’s behavior for over 20 years and says now she really wants to see him be held accountable and convicted.