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Jordyn Woods wasn’t skunk drunk when she did the nasty with NBAer Tristan Thompson, Khloe K’s baby daddy. Yep, that’s her new story and she’s sticking with it when she sits down with Jada Pinkett Smith on Red Table Talk tomorrow on Facebook Watch.

According to sources with knowledge of the taping, longtime Kylie Jenner BFF Woods has no excuse for what she did that resulted in pissing off the Kardashians and getting her booted out their empire. (Oh, well.) She will admit that she was totally lucid when she and Tristan got down.

Here’s more via TMZ:

As we reported, Jordyn felt her life was destroyed by the fallout — from being thrown out of Kylie’s guesthouse to being blackballed in future Kardashian business ventures — but we’re told after she let it all out on Jada’s Facebook show, she felt a lot better about her future.

TMZ broke the story … Jordyn chose to tell her story to Jada because of her deep ties to the Smith family. She especially felt comfortable with Jada, whom Jordyn believes is extremely nonjudgmental.

As we previously reported — our sources say Jordyn initially told friends she was drunk when she hooked up with Tristan, but we’re told her version to Jada is without excuses.

Meanwhile, if you’re wondering why she went to Jada, it’s because of two things …

She feels life is ruined because she’s no match when it comes to the wrath of the Kardashians … so she went to Jada because she felt she’d get a fair shake to tell her story ’cause she’s also afraid the Kardashians, especially Kim, will try to break her in every way — professionally, socially and monetarily.

Jordyn is like family to the Smiths … she calls Will her uncle. She feels Jada is one of the most nonjudgmental people she knows, and she has a huge platform on the Red Table Talk Facebook show.

Keep in mind that Miss Woods signed a non-disclosure agreement with the Kardashians who will definitely be watching. If she says the wrong thing about them, she could be toast, legally.

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