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Toya Wright wants you to know she’s not here for the online bullying. Her 1-year-old daughter, Reign Ryan Rushing, that she shares with NBA agent Red Rushing has been the target of some unflattering comments on social media. Wright, who also shares a teen daughter Reginae Carter with ex-husband Lil Wayne, clapped back to trolls who made comments about Reign on a recent Instagram post.


While most comments were supportive, even after the post, there were people still commenting on the child’s looks with one particularly vile commenter saying Toya should consider who she has kids with next time.

Reginae also posted an angry Snapchat video telling people they needed to stop insulting her sister.

Many commenters said that both children look like their fathers.


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Happy Valentine’s Day baby❣️

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Celebrities often post pictures of their children, many of whom, like any children, may go through awkward stages. Since they didn’t choose the life their parents did, do you think celebrity kids should be off limits or because of so much oversharing and so many trolls on social media, that celebs should limit their children’s exposure?

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11 thoughts on “Toya Wright Claps Back At Online Trolls Insulting Her Youngest Daughter

  1. I agree. You post everything and everybody in your life on line and you get upset when everyone doesn’t see what you see. Stop posting. Now that said, I think it is ignorant and immature to talk about a child’s looks. That is what’s wrong with this world and why so many children contemplate suicide, because their self esteem is damaged. Looks aren’t everything.

  2. Christianforreal on said:

    These so called celebs need to get a life. They put these pictures up of their families and tell all their business on any and all the social media outlets. Some even get on the radio and TV and share their personal business and THEN have. the. nerve. to want to chastise people and curse people out when they say something negative. Keep your PERSONAL business just that!!! You only put up the pictures because you want everyone to see what you think is your cute kid, but everyone isn’t going to agree and if you can’t take it, then don’t post the pictures. You can’t beat up the world because they don’t agree with you. I think the baby is cute, but that’s just my opinion and others might not agree. So WTH??? And the baby’s innocence has absolutely nothing to do with it. Grown up transgressions aside, you look like what you look like. The whole thing goes back to acceptance and that’s why people post so much, because they need validation and you mean, nasty people did not validate. Toya, Reginae and all you immature people, grow-the-hell-up!!

    • African American Woman on said:

      Amen, amen, AMEN. Narcissism has taken a front seat in society and its highly irritating. Everybody has to be seen, has to tell everybody all the going ons in their life and think they are so important. No one is more important or more interesting than anyone else. Get a real life and do something worthwhile.

  3. Passing Through!! on said:

    Toya has been through online trolling enough times to know the game by now. Stop posting your baby’s pictures or if you do decide to post be smart and mature enough not to respond to the haters and idiots who are purposely trying to get under your skin and get a reaction out of you.

    • LyriCáh on said:

      You’re absolutely correct- people will talk about you when you’re you’re up and down – focus on self and family and stop wasting your time with those who don’t know you personally. SMH

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