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An 11-year-old Florida boy was arrested and now faces charges after refusing to stand for the Pledge of Allegiance and creating a disturbance in the classroom on Feb. 4, police said.

According to USA Today, the sixth-grader from a Tampa suburb allegedly told his substitute teacher at Lawton Chiles Middle Academy in Lakeland that the flag is “racist” and the national anthem is offensive to black people, Bay News 9 reported. In response, the teacher asked him: “Why if it was so bad here he did not go to another place to live.”

He replied: “They brought me here.”

The substitute, Ana Alvarez, then suggested, “Well, you can always go back because I came here from Cuba and the day I feel I’m not welcome here anymore, I would find another place to live.”

Alvarez reportedly said she called the school’s office because she “did not want to continue dealing with him.” A school resource officer placed him under arrest for being non compliant and the child was taken to a juvenile detention center and suspended for three days.

“The student became disruptive and the teacher contacted school administrators for assistance,” Kyle Kennedy, a spokesman for Polk County Public Schools, told the news outlet. “The school’s resource deputy also became involved.”

Kennedy noted that students are not required to stand for the pledge, but Alvarez was apparently not aware of this. She will no longer be employed at any of Polk County’s schools, he added.

A Lakeland police spokesman confirmed the charges against the boy included disrupting a school function and resisting arrest without violence. He is also accused of threatening his substitute teacher, Patch reported.

The boy’s mother, Dhakira Talbot, has slammed the teacher and wants the charges against her dropped.

“She was wrong. She was way out of place,” she told Bay News 9. “If she felt like there was an issue with my son not standing for the flag, she should’ve resolved that in a way different manner than she did.”

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10 thoughts on “11-Year-Old Florida Boy Arrested For Refusing To Stand For Pledge Of Allegiance

  1. So once again COMMON SENSE didn’t prevail. I would sue their A’s so fast for arresting my 11 year old son for some ridiculous shigady

    • Phoenix Rising on said:

      The only scared ass racist is you, honkey! All of our parents can’t be, as you say, “a single parent welfare weave head plantation coon.” because, from the comments on this board, besides your dumb ass and Jpunk, we all agree, it was his right if he didn’t want to stand. Hate to bust your bubble dude, but you’ve seen his mother. In no way does she resemble the women that you described in your post, and the same women you be sniffing after on a Saturday night.
      As far as the substitute teacher, she’s a total nobody. Just a typical fill-in for the day or week, while the real teacher is out. No qualifications to be a real teacher. She’s only called on when needed. It could have been her day off from Walmart. It’s obvious that she definitely needs to go back to school and get some learning. She doesn’t even know what’s required in the school district that she works for before running her mouth. Loud and wrong. Just a big dummy. How embarrassing that an 11 yr old schooled her on the Constitution.
      The school district said students are not required to participate in reciting the pledge. In fact, the Supreme Court ruled in 1943 in West Virginia State Board of Education v. Barnette that schools cannot require students to salute the flag or recite the pledge, citing First Amendment rights.
      Did I just read she said she would go somewhere else is she felt not welcomed? Well, we all know her @ss is not going back to Cuba where she’s from. Tell her to ask those hundreds of folks that was on that cruise ship that tried docking in Cuba and were denied in seeing their family members. Ask her how that worked out for them trying to go back/visit their homeland.

  2. What I find amazing is an 11 year old who understands his rights and the meaning of the pledge. I commend his parents for teaching him. I don’t think the pledge should be in schools. What they need to teach in schools is what racist BS that pledge is.


  4. Yep cause to live in this great country that millions of minorities all over the world risk everything to get to is so dangerous and oppresive

  5. He had the absolute right to refuse to stand beside the fact that students are not required to do so. I doubt that he was being disruptive to the point if disturbing the class….she was just pissed off because a young, black male stood up to her and refused to back down.

  6. Ted Gravely on said:

    These young kids have heart. This isn’t Nazi Germany. We are supposed to be free. When he told that puppet substitute that he wasn’t going to stand – she should have left him alone. That stupid cow told him to go live some place else. Then she felt threatened by an 11 year old. These coons, puppets and racists try to change the narrative. She started off by violating his free speech. He is free in a public school to say screw that stupid piece of cloth and your pledge. Then he goes to juvenile detention for standing up. GTFOH. Black people came to this God forsaken country for nothing, we ain’t leaving. We are going to stay and hate you everyday. Folks you better fight. Here we go again with white people and people that lap up anything white forcing “you” to do something against your will. These same racists will fly the confederate flag in your face and tell you it’s heritage. Then it’s problematic because stupid coons have the illusion of inclusion and want you to bend your backs and “just stand.” The trailer park and racist whites hate that black people are no longer accepting what is precious to them. It’s my right to say – “f the flag and I will not stand.” Let the white people stand and go fight. Since they love it so much and want to be in charge. When was the last time there was a black general on tv from any of the military services? This ain’t for us. Let their funky racist behinds go die for a piece of cloth. Stop standing for something that doesn’t stand for you.

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