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While Jesse Jackson Jr. was in prison he says he just wanted everyone to leave him alone. But the one person who refused to leave him alone was his mother Mrs. Jacqueline Jackson. She wrote him letters every day for 30 months, and even though he asked her to stop she refused.

When asked why she kept it up she said because, “I love my son from his head to his toes.” And she wanted him to turn back to God, because “politics is one thing but God is everything.”

Jesse Jackson Jr. remembers being in “a dark place” and wanting to be left alone while in prison. Because he knew he  and he found himself sinking “deeper and deeper into a hole” that he couldn’t get out of.  But, his mother saw that he was sinking and threw him a “lifeline.”

They have turned a number of the letters that Mrs. Jackson wrote her son into a book called Loving You, Thinking of You, Don’t Forget to Pray: Letters to My Son in Prison. 

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