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Willie Moore and his wife welcomed a beautiful baby girl into the world named Paisley Rae Moore in November. Choosing your child’s God parents is a huge deal, they’re the ones who will basically raise your child if you were unable to do so. The Moores did some thinking and talking and finally made a decision about who will be baby Paisley’s God mother.

See her sweet reaction in the video above.

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One thought on “The Moores Pick A Godmother For Baby Paisley [VIDEO]

  1. Shone Hill on said:

    It appears that the lady selected is married. What is the process, thought pattern when selecting a godparent for your child and only one party is being asked to be a godparent. Is it given that they are both god parents? Asking in a situation where my husband was asked to be godfather. I don’t have that type of relationship with the parents. I am offended and need another point if view. Really confused how that is supposed to work, if something where to happen to parents, I wasnt asked nor did I accept the responsibilty?

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