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Keisha Williams scammed dozens into giving up their savings so she could live the life of luxury, and now the heartless con artist she will spend more than 15 years in prison after running a fraudulent loan scheme.

According to the Washington Post , after she was arrested by the FBI in February last year, Williams pleaded guilty to 14 fraud-related charges after 20 people testified against her.

Per The Post:

She admitted the $7.5 million she scammed was used on luxury holidays, cars, restaurants and in high-end shops and came from a fraudulent healthcare software scheme that fleeced more than 50 people out of their savings.

According to police, she spent about $2.7 million on luxury travel and accessories from Louis Vuitton, Gucci and Chanel.

The Virginia native claimed “she had purchased Austrian software that would allow doctors to remotely examine and talk with patients and needed cash to pay taxes and fees on the product.”

She even conned California businessman, Christian D’Andrade, into partnering with her and raise $5.58 million, including almost $2 million of his own money.

Williams explained “she needed emergency funding to get software that she had purchased out of ‘escrow’ in Austria”, officials said.

Her victims included a 71-year-old cancer survivor, a special needs teacher and recent widow.

She used millions from the scam to stay at the Ritz-Carlton in the Bahamas, the Cavalieri in Rome, and when she was in Bora Bora, she reportedly spotted actor Tracy Morgan and bragged, “I have the biggest villa on the island.”

“The way in which you spent this money … is appalling,” Judge Leonie Brinkema told Williams before imposing a 15-and-a-half year sentence in federal court in Alexandria, Virginia. “It was one of the worst (cases) I’ve seen.”

One victim wrote in a letter to the court, “This is a being without a heart or soul; no human can do what she has knowingly done to so many of us.”

According to the report, she never truly purchased the software and when in court, Williams offered little explanation for her conduct.

“I believe I am a good person who made some bad choices,” she said, and when a victim asked how she sleeps at night, she quoted a 2 Corinthians, stating, “I’m a new person.”