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Cynthia Bailey stunned viewers of “Watch What Happens” when she dropped a bombshell on Sunday’s show that she may be leaving Real Housewives of Atlanta.

Cynthia broke it down… since she’s been dating her new man, sportscaster Mike Hill, they’re finding the long-distance romance quite challenging. He lives in Los Angeles, she lives in Atlanta and now Cynthia says she’s ready to #levelup their relationship, TooFab reports.

When a caller asked if she and Mike plan to move to the same city and get married, Cynthia said, “Yes and yes. Absolutely.”

Host Andy Cohen was just as surprised, asking the former model: “You talk about marriage?” Cynthia replied, “All the time.”

“I’m in L.A. now. This is Mike’s city. I spend a lot of time in L.A.,” she continued. “And yes, I can confidently say that Mike and I will be getting married.”

Cohen’s other guest, RuPaul, asked Cynthia if she’s leaving Atlanta.

“No, no, no. I love Lake Bailey and so does Mike, but I think I would be in L.A. more full-time,” she explained.

Another caller asked if there were any moments from “RHOA” that she regrets.

“Wow, a lot of things probably,” she confessed. “I try to live my life without regrets, and I really feel like everything that has happened to me on my journey was necessary for me to be able to appreciate all the great things that I have going on now. So I really don’t have any regrets, but it is painful to watch some of the things that I have done on the show for sure.”

A third caller asked where things stand between Cynthia and former castmate, Kenya Moore, since she had her “miracle baby.”

“Yes, I absolutely have met Brooklyn, and she’s beautiful. So adorable,” Cynthia gushed, adding that she spoke to Kenya “about three days ago.”

The Real Housewives of Atlanta airs Sundays at 8 p.m. on Bravo.

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7 thoughts on “Cynthia Bailey Says She Might Leave ‘RHOA’

  1. Robert Lee Gillum on said:

    You all most don’t have a life. If you are African American you probably love drama. Many in my experience have had it in their lives more than not. You all also sound like 🦀 in a barrel. Stop hating on others, get a life, and be happy. Remember you are watching her not the other way around. Idiot’s

  2. Unfortunately, we believe she should have left the show a looooooong time ago ! Her storyline – well – there is no storyline. To watch her carryon at her age about a young man is absolutely embarrassing. Yeah – go ahead a leave the show Cynthia…you’ve made the money and can start your new journey out of the camera’s eyes !

  3. Jackie Colbert on said:

    She will not be missed. She is boring. If that man was so into her, he would be moving to Atlanta where she lives. She is chasing that man. She is desperate for a man.

    • She will not be miss on the show, boring. She is chasing that man. If he is so into her, why don’t he move to where she lives. Long distance relationship does not work.

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