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Plenty of people leave things behind in Ubers and have the driver return whatever they left to them; but this Pennsylvania man would have been better off just forgetting about it.

WXPI reports that the driver said he received an email from Uber on Dec. 29 stating that his passenger, Malik Mollett, had left a package in the back seat. The email also contained a number where Mollett could be reached to return his belongings.

On Jan. 2, the driver reportedly alerted the police that he had found a bag containing a large amount of weed. Mollett had allegedly been trying to contact the driver, even texting a picture of the bag to verify that he was the owner.

After the driver told the cops about the pot package on Jan. 2,  police then contacted Mollett, posing as Uber. The undercover cop to meet Mollett at a McDonald’s on Jan. 9, almost two weeks after he originally left the drugs in the Uber.

Mollett was immediately arrested by Pennsylvania State Troopers. He was charged with possession of a controlled substance and criminal use of a communication facility. Bail was reportedly set at $150,000. According to police say the weed had a street value of thousands of dollars because it was “very high-grade” marijuana.

Mollett has not indicated how he will plead.

So Where Exactly Is Weed Legal?
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9 thoughts on “Man Leaves 2 Pounds Of Weed In Uber, Tries To Retrieve It From Cops

  1. Like Richard Pryor told him when he flush the cocaine down the toilet and told him he could have sold it back to the man whom he brought it from “ Boy, I told you that stuff make you ignorant!!!!!

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