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(Asheville Police Department)

A 51-year-old white male from Black Mountain, North Carolina, has gone viral in a disturbing video showing him assaulting a 12-year-old Black girl at the Asheville Mall.

David Steven Bell was arrested Saturday after punching the child in the face, sending her to the ground outside the mall. Bell was taken into custody by the Asheville Police Department and charged with assault on a female under the age of 12 and two counts of assault on a female, according to records and the Asheville Citizen-Times. The girl, who has not been identified, declined medical treatment and was not taken to the hospital. Bell, meanwhile, has been released from custody.

Video of the incident was posted on Instagram and Facebook on Saturday and quickly went viral on Sunday. In the video, Bell can be heard yelling to the girls to “break it up.” As other girls yell at him, one can be heard asking, “who is he?” What caused the argument remains unclear but at one point, one girl pushes Bell in the back.

The Asheville Mall said in a statement that the incident remains under investigation.

Journalist and activist Shaun King captioned the above clip of the incident on Instagram: “David Steven Bell, listed as 6 foot 5 inches tall, and 250 pounds, first shoved, then knocked out an 11 year old girl with a closed fist punch right to her face. Mall cops hardly took the thing seriously and local police charged the man with a damn misdemeanor. He’s already out. A misdemeanor. I’m furious.”

User lanreakinola replied: “@shaunking I am totally disgusted and this white man should never have punched the 11yr old girl with that force. On that note, why are our black children going out in public acting like they have no home training, disrespectful and unruly? What would have made her be in his face and physically charged a man (black or white) that size? This behavior is unacceptable and it speaks volume on the lack of home training, and decency our children need to emulate in public. The force used was too much but black or white, the man has a right to defend himself too.”

Another IG commenter, user yourmindmatters, wrote: “Everyone out there should have tore his azz up. Straight up. I don’t care what they had to use but his head should have got cracked. It’s a misdemeanor because she’s black and he’s white; had it been the other way around the black man would have gotten shot on site and that’s a fact. This world is just jacked up……”

According to, after his arrest, Bell deleted a Facebook page for his piano teaching business.

Stories Of Racism And Discrimination In 2018
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129 thoughts on “White North Carolina Man Faces Assault Charges After Punching Young Black Girl Outside Mall

  1. Lisa Greenwood on said:

    I don’t see what him being white and her being white is your headline. I didn’t see anything racial about it. Smdh Those girls were want to be Thugs he protected himself and his family. It’s on the parents who allow this trashy thug behavior. My dad would have beat my ass in front of God and everybody if I would have been acting like that. But stop trying to make this racial.

    • Its me on said:

      Hey jackass, its clear you’ve been hurt by a black woman because you have so much hate in your heart, poor thing smh, who in the hell are you to talk down about black women and you know nothing about black women, now that shows me how ignorant you are now that’s sad

  2. Act like a thug, get treated like a thug. Are some of you people saying he should not have intervened in the fight? That he should have let these kids tear each other to shreds? Maybe you’re right, he wouldn’t be in this mess with this bullshit charge. Anyone who has kids knows they should break up a fight between kids. These girls should have been raised better. They should have been taught respect.

    I hope he’s able to fight the charges. Good luck to him.

  3. Not american on said:

    How about “a man was stabbed by a 16 years old black girl” ? He did not assault anyone, he was being assaulted, the girl came meanincing to him, therefor this is called defence. I would do the same because I care about my life more than anyone else.

    • Common Sense on said:

      If my child charged at a man, who had already warned him with a hard shove and was standing between my child and another kid on his hands and knees from the beat down my child wants to continue to deliver…I’d shake his hand, and I’d knock my kid’s ass out again when he woke up.
      That’s a punch to the face that girl sorely needed.

  4. pawski on said:

    As a non American seeing this comment section and the amount of people constantly referring to the skin color of those involved its baffling. There are so many unanswered question so why not hold off at least some of the judgement. If everyone constantly sees race like people here then we are as societies fucking doomed.

  5. Mac Daddy on said:

    The man had every right to defend his family from that pack of animals. The moment when keepin’ it real goes wrong. ROTFL

  6. Ted Gravely on said:

    This fat inbred from the mountains of North Carolina was not justified in striking that kid. First off, just because his age says he’s an adult, doesn’t mean he should have inserted his lard behind into a tween spree. Leave them alone. White people always trying to “corral” black people like they are still property. He wasn’t pushed by simple walking by; he pushed his white racist arse into a group or tweens and then tried to assert his non existent authority. If a giant black guy punched a white fat sloppy woman like Sarah Huckabut, let alone an 11 year old girl – these fools would have brought out the lynch mob. This should be felony assault. He could have easily killed her.

    • Black or white she got what she deserved. I bet she thinks twice before running up on an adult. That’s what’s wrong with kids in general….they wanna act like animals but when they step up to the adult plate and get put in their place all of the sudden the man is wrong? No he is not. I’d beat my kids for acting like that in public. That’s the real mistake. Parents….why are your preteen kids out alone at a mall at night anyway???? Lol. Bad parenting and disrespectful kids

  7. Woman want equal rights, but only in certain circumstances. I don’t care how old those thug girls were, his family was in fear and according to the law he had the right to defend himself. I suspect if he hadn’t neutralized the situation in the manner he did those thug girls could have swarmed in as a pack. Before you attack…I am female .

    • Karlena Nilsson on said:

      The ignorance and insecurity of people never ceases to amaze me. There is no excuse for his behavior. He possesses no legal standing to violate criminal statutes. He’s wrong. This is child. Period. Regardless how they were acting…she’s a child. Her actions can not be viewed as posing any legal threat, to mitigate his behavior. But even he she had, he is not a policing force and the law does not grant him the right to utilize force. He is a bully, a sad excuse for a civilized human being…a criminal …and a soon to be convict. Wake up people.

  8. Black Father Will beat that ass on said:

    White males are the softest most early scared scrubs on the earth. If he was so justified in protecting his family why did he get arrested and charged? Why is it White males are only tough when they are shooting up innocent unarmed American Citizens or Bombing build ings?

  9. Mac Daddy on said:

    Somebody needs to commission a study that measures the long term affect of wearing weave on black women, psychologically and physically. I postulate that the chemicals and adhesives are broken down by the heat of the scalp and entering the bloodstream of these Hair Hats. NAACP or Shaun Talcum X King, step up and do something productive for our Peeps….

    • African Father on said:

      White males are the softest most early scared scrubs on the earth. If he was so justified in protecting his family why did he get arrested and charged? Why is it White males are only tough when they are shooting up innocent unarmed American Citizens or Bombing buildings and attacking African Women and Children?

  10. I know ur right they should be shooting up the place like whites do. That will make us smart again. Maybe put on a white sheet and run people over. U people are evil!

  11. Toya B on said:

    So if a 3yr old bites (assaults) a 30yr old on the leg, is the 30yr old justified in kicking the 3yr old like a football? Sounds like some of the readers are saying yes, and that’s so wrong on so many different levels. The color of the child and man doesn’t matter!

    • SuperNibba on said:

      Stop infantilizing young Black women, you racist.

      [video src="" /]

      They attacked him first. His family was right there, as a dozen strong young Black women circled around, clearly emotional and acting violently. If you take a swing at a grown man defending his family, you deserve to get hit.
      If the Black youth had decent parents maybe they wouldn’t swarm around families and attack people at the mall, and they certainly wouldn’t pout about being assaulted by someone they were assaulting, nor would they be ASSAULTING ADULTS IN PUBLIC IN THE PRESENCE OF CHILDREN, one hopes.

      • Don’t talk about parents raising their kids right when u got a bunch of grown white people running around in sheets with tiki torches yelling hate! You got white people shooting up innocent people at the malls. Don’t anyone talk about black people when u people want to build a wall but do nothing about the terrorist shooting up schools, concerts, churches, movies and more!!! How dare any of u racist say anything. I pray this bully gets street justice.

      • Toya B on said:

        Infantizing black women, LOL!!!
        What the man did was child abuse, again, regardless of THEIR skin color!
        And on a personal note, I highly doubt it if the man would’ve taken that swing if the other party was also a man, REGARDLESS OF THE COLOR OF THEIR SKIN!
        AND…there was no chance of the man and his family dying that day! LMAO!!!

  12. It’s funny how black people can see the same video and interpret it totally different from EVERYONE ELSE. Maybe the low IQ’s??? The black teen girls were in fact acting like wild animals and not like normal 12 year old girls.

    • I know ur right they should be shooting up the mall like whites do. That will make us smart again. Maybe put on a white sheet and run people over. U people are evil!

  13. Jabacko on said:

    Amazing video. Surrounded by a gang of violent individual, one brave man scatters the savages with a single punch, saving his and his family’s lives. Moral of the story is probably actually have a father figure in your life.

    • Bong lort on said:

      Ive been ambushed by black girls before. Only thing i
      I would be scared of is getting a charge for violence, somethimg your retarded ass and the crumbsnatchers in the video can’t grasp now can you?

      • Says the people who blow up buildings, call 911 for fun, mass shootings and pedophile rings!!! Edomites!

      • Black mom on said:

        I’m black and I’m a mom of 8 if anybody’s kid run up on me or mine I’m going to do my best to knock them the hell out black or white any race color or creed these kids have no respect for anyone because their not made to do so and if my kid where out acting as if me and their father didn’t bring them up right and their being disrespectful running up on grown ups and that adult puts them on their ass and I find out the true story I’m putting them on their ass too this isn’t a race issue it’s a respect and discipline issue

      • 100% agree with “black mom”, btw I’m white.!
        It’s all about respect & boundries. The youth growing up now (of all ethnicities) are rude & disrespectful. The only thing you can blame it on is the PARENTS.! These children are acting in ways that are tolerated & most of the time shown by their parents. It’s disgusting & sad that they are our future.!

  14. I’m sorry but these girls were obviously assaulting this man. Did he use too much force? Definitely. Does that excuse these girls disgusting behaviour? Absolutely not. There are enough actualy victims on this planet, stop playing devils advocate to create more. They learned a valuable lesson that night: Don’t harass people, especially if they’re bigger than you.

  15. Fred Simpson on said:

    Mac Daddy, I bet you have acne and smell like wet dogs. You probably don’t have any friends in real life because no one can take your retarded ass seriously. I agree with the man in the video, but you spouting all this racist shit just makes you look like the moronic, pathetic trump supporting retard you are. The only chimp here is you, you extra-chromosome having inbred.

  16. Mac Daddy on said:

    Somebody needs to commission a study that measures the long term affect of wearing weave on black women, psychologically and physically. I postulate that the chemicals and adhesives are broken down by the heat of the scalp and entering the bloodstream of these Hair Hats. NAACP or Shaun Talcum X King, step up and do something productive for our Peeps

    • Bong lort on said:

      Don’t worry bro. I am white so i was born racist.. really sucks being in this predicament living in california and all. I feel u bro.

  17. There’s a few more he should punch in the face,good deal sir,maybe those inbred chicks will get some meanners,or at least an education

  18. americanize on said:

    This is what a race war looks like.Kareem Hunt lost his job b/c Beckie wants to get in his hotel room,and called him a bunch of ni**ers.A 6 5 250lb white devil punch a 11yr old child in the face and he’s home.Black America you have no friends.

  19. BAW, please disable your comment section of this article. It racist and very disrespectful. Stop giving ignorant, dumb people a forum. Not unless you require them to use their actual name and not a fake name to hide behind.

    • Mary William on said:

      I AGREE with you! I have contacted them about certain people on this site, but nothing was ever done. I’m ready to delete to this site because I can read all of the racist rants on Facebook. I thought this site would be different.

    • Mac Daddy on said:

      The snowflakes are triggered. It’s racist to call a pack of black teenage girls acting like a bunch of animals. That’s exactly what they are and that hair hat deserved to be decked.

    • Matt Burton on said:

      If you watch the video, towards the beginning, she shoves him in the back. He then bars his wife and child off from the surrounding young girls and at that point, when she tries to get close to him and his family, he shoves her back. That’s the warning. She ran up on him and got back in his face SO FAST. Fight or flight. He warned her. Y’all really out here looking for a race war. Lesson of the satory is don’t put your hands on anyone, especially someone who can knock you flat out like that. Don’t threaten a dude’s family, and you won’t catch hands. She wanted that smoke… and then she got it. Plain and simple. Whoever raised her didn’t do a very good job at teaching her to be respectful to others.

      • Mac Daddy on said:

        Real talk Matt. I guarantee she was raised by a single black mother who was equally disrespectful. Too many generations of blacks getting free stuff of taxpayers just for pumping out fatherless babies

  20. ONELOVELOVE1 on said:

    Doing the right thing most certainly get you hemmed up. Parents control your children. Ask yourself what would you do if you saw someone in distress and tried to intervene. No one deserves a gang beating. This isn’t a Black or White issue. IT’S DOING THE RIGHT THING ISSUE.

    • You are so right. Children are so disrespectful these days. Basic parenting says don’t put your hands on other people. I don’t condone what he did, but this isn’t racist. his is a disrespectful child that needs to be dealt with and a man with a quick temper.

      • Justa Guy on said:

        I don’t know I would call him quick tempered. I watched the full video. There was a group of kids hassling a girl that’s presumably his daughter, he steps in to defend his daughter. So far, completely with him. After he steps in, he’s shoved, that’s assault, and if at that point he retaliated he’s got self defense going for him. He didn’t he, just tried to calm the situation down.

        One of the girls got up in his face and made contact again, second count of assault on her. He shoved her away. I’m 100% for that, and admire his restraint.

        Then she gets a rush of stupid and CHARGES at the guy with her hands up. She obviously wants to throw hands. She could have a knife, that’s not at all unreasonable to assume with the way she’s acting. Then he accepts the invitation to a fight and ends it in the quickest way possible. Nobody was seriously hurt, the situation came out alright.

        Don’t get caught up in the color of the people involved. That was a terribly parented girl, and the man gave her plenty of chances to just walk away. He was not the one that wanted to fight, she did.

        If a kid at a mall acted like that and was threatening my family I would do the same thing. If I was in a good mood I might just pick her up and slam her down and give her one more chance to realize I’m not playing games.

        Men, can you say you wouldn’t defend your family like that?

        Women, would you put up with a man who didn’t?

  21. Shaking my head on said:

    Unbelievable. Where were the parents? Where are the parents? 12 years old is not old enough to be at the without adult supervision. He should never be able to teach another child. Actions have consequences for everyone involve.

  22. charles on said:

    Butter PECUT the only CHIMP is you.To describe black folk as rabid is to ACCURATELY describe white folk as PUPPY SMELLIN VENOMOUS SNAKES!!!!!!! By the way IT TAKES ONE TO KNOW ONE!!!!!!! So CREAM OUT butter before you get MELTED AWAY!!!!!!!

  23. charles on said:

    Mac Doodle again your mouth equals your BUTT HOLE.What if that had been your daughter(which I doubt you have since you are an ABORTED FETAS would your reaction be the same.THat WHITE DEVIL had no right to do that at his weight and height he could have serious injured that child.Agin WHITE SUPREMACY tries to SHINE.The WHITE DEVIL needs a SHALACKIN he would never FORGET.!!!!!!!!! POWER TO THE PEOPLE!!!!!!!!!!!

  24. Go back to where YOU belongs, the Indians are the true Americans and your Relatives out right stole and killed for it .Africans were brought here in Chains to work the land for FREE and still have not Reap any benefits from Free SLAVE Labor!!!!!!!

    • African American people were here before Columbus. We lived among the Olmecs. History teacher lied. We invited almost everything including the first cellphone and GPS. Whites were slaves to Africans and America. The Mayflower brought diseases, destruction and evil to America.

      • Lmao, that’s why the most disease infested country is the “Motherland” also why are black women the highest new cases of AIDS & HIV?
        That’s because your black men go to jail, have sex with other men & come out to infect you!
        They have sex with anything, fat, skinny, white, black, asian, ANYTHING & STD stays prove that!

        I’m not racist at all, I just hate to see black people degrading white people because they are miserable. Honestly you should be thankful that your ancestors endured what they did because you live free today. Free running water, free food, free rent & the government you hate so much even gives you earned income! WTF? Let’s give people a bonus for going to work to provide for their family LIKE THEY SHOULD DO ANYWAYS!

        Also the same way you talk about the KKK, what’s the New Black Panther Party that puts bounty’s on peoples heads? If the KKK were to do that, all hell would break loose! SMFH

  25. The video released is not the full story…. I just saw video of what happened prior…. the gang of girls grabbed a white girl by her ponytail pulled her to the ground dragged her on the ground then took turns hitting and kicking her. She was handed up on by this entire gang, the man was trying to help her when they turned on him. I know the girl who got hit she is aggressive and mean…. she’s did not deserve to be hit since she is a minor but there is more to the story!

    • S. Bland on said:

      Where is this video because it’s hard to believe that all that was going on and the police wasn’t called by someone and especially him since he is an officer. I was frustrated immediately seeing how the kids were acting prior to when he shoved her but I also know white people have very little leeway for our kids “being kids” versus others.

      • Mac Daddy on said:

        Being kids? Nicc@ please they were acting like a pack of chimps. FACT. And had Sandra Bland not acted the entitled fool she did, she’d Be alive today

    • I don’t agree with this type of Behavior, but for you white guys to come on a BLACK website and call our children animals explains the mentality of your HATE is disgusting.

      • Ya boy on said:

        I’m glad he knocked that classless bitch out. Her parents obviously didn’t teach her how to act like a human

      • Pekoponian on said:

        Who said he was white? There WERE acting like dang animals. I would’ve had my butt TORE UP if I was in ANY way involved in that horde of females, hooting and hollering at a grown man like I had no sense. Acting out in public with my friends like a little gang of terrors. And INTENTIONALLY Walking up on a grown man like that? like she’s a Grown man, herself?? ok. an 11 year old should be calling an adult for help. Not squaring up to fight him. She wanted to be BAD in front of her little friends, though. She learned REAL quick one of the hard lessons in life. KNOW YOUR ROLE. A Man has a right to defend himself. And you can’t match the strength of a lion, don’t step into the dojo. I’m sad she went down like that…but the man probably didn’t even use his full strength…

  26. This is absolutely insane. Why would a grown A man hit a teenage girl like he’s in a boxing match. The world has gone mad with no sense of respect. He definitely could have defused the situation in a different way.

    • Mac Daddy on said:

      Defuse a situation with a gang of black girls? Not a chance, they are complete animals. Where there are 3 or more, this playa is out the door

      • Mac Daddy on said:

        3 appears to be the number where pack mentality takes over. It’s been observed in animals and these “girls” behave no different

    • So if 5 people were looking like they were going to assault you, you would try to to talk them out of it? She was rushing him like she was about to hit him. Anyone would have hit any other person if someone was approaching them like that.

      • Not his responsibility to defuse the situation. His primary focus should be on getting out alive. He did that and the charges are not warranted.
        Their parents should be charged as well as the ones that surrounded him.

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