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As the new year rolls onward, Congresswoman Maxine Waters, who is now the first Black and the first woman to chair the House Financial Services Committee, is not holding back on her criticism of Donald Trump.

On Sunday, Waters took to Twitter to warn 45 that “even your most vocal defenders will turn on you w/ your shutdown when there’s no food on the table, the rent is not paid, the car is repossessed, & the childrenTru need shoes.”

“No American who works for our govt should be treated this way while you are living off the govt,” she added.

Trump and Congress, meanwhile, continue to make history for all the wrong reasons as we enter the 24th day of the partial government shutdown.

“Americans should be shaken by what we know of Trump & Putin’s relationship & should NOT be surprised by the FBI counterintelligence investigation,” Waters wrote on Twitter over the weekend. “Is Trump a Russian agent? If it walks like a duck & talks like a duck, then it is a duck – and the duck should be impeached.”

Her rant didn’t end there…

“Trump, you didn’t get $5 billion to carry out your ill advised election promise & now you want to declare an emergency. The only emergency facing our country is the need to impeach you before you destroy our country, our ideals, & leadership in the world. Trump, go home. Bye bye!”

According to The Washington Post “Trump’s advisers are scrambling to build an exit ramp while also bracing for the shutdown to last weeks longer. Current and former aides said there is little strategy in the White House; people are frustrated and, in the words of one, ‘freaking. out.’”

Auntie Maxine also read Trump for filth over his alleged ties to Russia, writing: “Please. No one should wonder why Manafort gave polling data to Russians. The only reason Russians wanted this info was to use it against H. Clinton in support of Trump. Why do you think Manafort w/ all his ties to Russia & Ukraine was in the campaign to begin with? Stay woke!”

FBI officials questioned whether Trump was “acting at the behest of” Russia after he fired former FBI director James Comey in 2017, The Hill reports.

“No surprise the FBI questioned Trump’s allegiance to US! He meets w/ Putin 5 times in secret w/ no readout; gave Russians classified info in WH; disregarded US intel on Russia; praised Putin’s election; lies abt his deals in Russia. Is there any question Trump is a Russian agent?,” Waters wrote.

The congresswoman has also asked regulators to consider the consumers who may experience financial hardship in meeting credit obligations as a result of the #Trumpshutdown.