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It’s cold in Dallas but Tony Roberts is ready to “warm it up” with his comedy! He’s performing at the Arlington Improv this weekend.

He and Damon are old friends and the one time Damon is in California he’s not home! But, he told him to stop by his house and say hello to the family.

Roberts has a full house; there are 10 people living there including his Filipino mother in law! She’s a strong accent  so he says, “I think she talking to me about me and I don’t even know because I don’t understand.”

“I don’t even live there, my kids live there” he said that’s their house! He just goes there to shower and sleep sometimes.

His 23 year old Son is over seas playing basketball in the Philippines and seeing him on billboards is “weird” because he always thought he’d be on billboards. Instead he’s at home arguing with a puppet and mini diva.