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Kroger has reportedly disciplined employees and moved up previously planned diversity and sensitivity training after being accused of racial profiling by a mother whose teens were accused of stealing while buying snacks.

According to Daily News, the grocery chain on announced “several immediate actions in response” to the incident at its store in Mesquite, Texas. For starters, Kroger officials have reportedly apologized to the family and the employees involved have been “removed from the store” while the incident is investigated.

“We strive to provide a welcoming environment and to show respect for all customers. We did not live up to our values in this situation,” the statement said, adding that they have also contacted police to ensure that any record of the incident was deleted and that “Kroger has rescinded any complaint stemming from this incident.”

The teens didn’t feel welcome when the police were called on them and they were accused of shoplifting last week. Ukiah Swain allowed her sons and nephews to go to Kroger alone to buy snacks, but says they were profiled once they got there.

“I’ve been crying for days, Swain told NBCDFW. “I don’t want to cry anymore.”

“I’m paying for my snacks and the police walk in,” 16-year-old Zavarion Swain told the network.

Police did not find anything but receipts on the boys, but they issued a trespassing warning to the teens, leaving them open to arrest if they return there to shop, NBCDFW reports.

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8 thoughts on “Kroger Employees Call Cops On Teens Buying Snacks

  1. Jacqueline Clay on said:

    I use to a
    work at Kroger also I am a black woman and I use somr coupons and I got fired , it wasn’t over over $18 or $20 dollars but 2 white people drawers came up short a thousand or $1,500 and they are still there I feel that Kroger is racist and very unfair and bias

  2. Hate the actions of the employees and the police who responded in this manner….not the company who cannot know beforehand that some employees are simply ignorant. That said, however, since it is obvious this kind of thing is intensifying across the country, companies should become proactive in addressing the possibility this could happen. African Americans are often targets because of someone’s preconceived notions

  3. KENNETH JOHNSON on said:

    The police continue to get a pass in these situations. We can all set up automatic guns in the stores and give the employees a button to push to mow down anyone they feel makes them nervous, but we have police. They are paid to ASSESS the damn situation, not simply show up, listen to some race-based story that this guy or those kids looked suspicious and when we approached them they did not show sufficient deference to our race, so we want you to arrest them, beat them, shoot them or at least bar them from ever returning. WTF?

  4. Ok. If these young people will be considered trespassing if they return, then none of should return. The store’s prices are extremely high anyway.

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