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Is her husband’s cheating scandal taking a toll on Wendy Williams to the point where she taking all of next week off from her eponymous TV talk show? Or, is it health issues?

Well, if you believe a RadarOnline report, the cheating hubby (Kevin Hunter) is the real problem.


If you watch her show or just stay up on what’s happening, you already know that not too long ago Williams, 54, took time off with the claim of health issues as the reason.


Her latest health challenge is  a shoulder fracture, combined with her odd behavior, has raised eyebrows and caused people to to be concerned for her.

But although “Wendy was supposed to return to her show on Monday, January 7, she is taking another week off,” a source told RadarOnline.

“Her staffers were notified late on Friday night and will now have to cancel all of their bookings and rearrange future tapings to accommodate Wendy being gone.”

The word is Wendy’s apparent meltdown came as her husband, Kevin Hunter, 46, was accused of getting his alleged mistress, Sharina Hudson, pregnant.

Both Williams and Hunter have vehemently denied those reports.Hunter has been accused of  having a 10-year affair with Hudson.

As a result of its snooping, RO discovered that Hunter’s alleged love nest with the alleged other woman has gone up for sale.

RadarOnline is also reporting Williams announced in late December that she had fractured her shoulder — but an insider claimed to Radar that the daytime TV host has something much more serious going on with her health.

“Something bad is going on with Wendy,” the source told Radar exclusively, adding that the December 17 episode was cancelled at the last minute and replaced with a rerun.

An insider insisted Williams has been exhibiting strange behavior “for weeks.” She burped and coughed during an earlier health scare in March 2018.She’s had other unexpected absences from TV as the host has battled Grave’s disease.






7 thoughts on “Wendy Williams Is Off The Air Again

  1. I think the best thing she can do hush these rumors (giving side eye) is to invite the alleged mistress on the show. If its not any truth to it, she & Wendy can discuss what’s really going on. We’ll be able to read Wendy’s comfort level. Give the mistress the platform to put this to rest (if its not true 😂).

  2. Hope Wendy is honest about what’s going on. She says she’s a “straight shooter” so be that and out in front of the story. People will respect her more for calling him out as a cheater. The denial is choking the life out of her and the show’s vibe. It’s quite awkward to watch her cover an almost identical story to her own situation and give advice. She’s nuts to believe that her people don’t have a clue. The reports about her husband come from the same camp she gets her gossip. It is kinda of karmic tho…

  3. Patricia Y Hudson on said:

    It’s called KARMA!! There’s nothing wrong with reporting gossip(sic) BUT when you get satisfaction at other people’s expense then people get excited at your misfortune. And when you call Drake and Nick Cannon’s babies OOPS babies we’re cheering cheating Kevin on,, KARMA. Wendell Williams greatest mistake was NOT getting a Pre-Nup or a Post Nup,,,by law Kevin is entitled half of her money,, property and business that’s the Law in N.Y,,N.J. and the U.S. I know her Attorneys have already told her that,, it’s no different than when a wealthy man divorces without a Pre or Post -nup….you’re reaping what you sow Wendell.

  4. Terry then on said:

    When will she wake up and put a end to this bad marriage..her son is old enough to understand and no man or money is worth what he is emotionally putting her thru.it’s time to end it

  5. Gloria on said:

    Something’s is certainly not right! I reeeally believe it is far greater than anyone knows. Don’t like her…but wish her well.

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