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Right after the Chicago Bears won their first NFC North divisional title in nearly a decade, left tackle Charles Leno Jr. dropped to one knee to propose to his girlfriend Jennifer Roth on the midfield line.

It was such a sweet moment! But, it was followed by a not so sweet discovery thanks to the detectives of Twitter.

Less than 24 hours after Leno popped the question, out popped tweets dating back to 2012 that revealed Roth had a racist past. She’d tweeted things like the fact that she wanted to “go back to talking to white guys” after observing how Black men treat white women on her college campus.

Another tweet showed Roth calling people ghetto for naming their children after “stuff they can’t afford.”

Twitter uses shared their two cents about Roth’s apparent bigotry. One user challenged Black men who saw no issue with Roth’s behavior to take her home to meet their moms and aunts.

Others suggested that the football player was probably aware of his fiance’s racism and just may not care.

And of course there were some who suggested Roth is only with Leno for the money and predict divorce in their future.

Finally, a user expressed how disheartening it is that Leno won’t stand with Colin Kaepernick on taking a knee against police brutality but will propose to a white woman with prejudice tendencies.

Roth’s twitter is now locked and only approved followers can see her tweets. Leno has not spoken publicly on the issue. But, if the scandal is anything like previous offenses by white women, Roth will issue an apology claiming she was “making a joke,” and denying her racism in the process.

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