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With all that Evelyn Braxton has to juggle, between keeping her daughters in line and filming the hit reality show “Braxton Family Values“, we’re wondering when did Mama Braxton find the time to drop a few dress sizes.

The matriarch of the Braxton clan appeared on a recent episode of TV One’s “Sister Circle,” where she revealed a slimmer, trimmer figure.

While there’s no confirmation from Braxton on how much weight she’s actually lost, several reports claim she’s lost at least 50 lbs. In promo pics, Braxton stood beside the hosts which include her daughter, Trina Braxton.

In the past, Braxton Family Values has aired Ms. E’s health issues, particularly when it comes to her battle with diabetes, a disease that primarily effects members of the African-American community.

And while we may have been shocked by Braxton’s weight loss, it’s clear that she’s been working on it for some time. An social media post from July shows that she used detox tea TeaMi Blends, along with exercise in the form of walking and staying active with her grandchildren.

Braxton showed off her pearly whites in a sponsored post for the brand.

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3 thoughts on “Evelyn Braxton Shows Off Huge Weight Loss [PHOTO]

  1. I can understand her wanting to drop some weight for health reasons but she lost too much. I think 20 lbs would have been enough. Maybe that’s why she had the facelift. Losing that much weight at her age probably caused her face to sag. She looks totally different and not in a good way. Her new look reminds me of when Oprah lost all that weight.

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