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LOS ANGELES (AP) — “The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air” star Alfonso Ribeiro is suing the creators of Fortnite and NBA 2K for using his famous dance on the popular video games.

In separate lawsuits filed Monday in federal court, Ribeiro alleges that Fortnite-maker Epic Games and 2K Sports-creator Take-Two Interactive used his dance dubbed “The Carlton Dance” without permission or credit.

Ribeiro’s dance was popularized through his character, Carlton Banks, on the 1990s sitcom.

Ribeiro says North Carolina-based Epic Games and Delaware-based Take Two used his dance he first performed on a 1991 “Fresh Prince” episode. He’s asking for a judge’s order to stop both games from using his moves.

Ribeiro says he is currently in the middle of copyrighting the dance.

Epic Games and Take Two spokesmen didn’t respond to requests for comment.

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14 thoughts on “Alfonso Ribeiro Sues Maker Of Video Games Over ‘The Carlton’ Dance

  1. This dance was done on American Bandstand. And it was the considered a mock of whites as if this was the only dance they could do at the time.

  2. Christianforreal on said:

    Well actually people, A Copyright and a Trademark are a little different. More to do with the action/item/name or thing that needs protecting. However, as mentioned by Mr. Mac, Alphonso had none. So anyone can do that dance without fearing repercussions. And as someone else mention, this dance has been done thousands of times over the years since he first debuted it, many years ago. He should not get anything for this claim!

    • Lynnette on said:

      I understand him not wanting his name used but since he didn’t patent the dance as his own he will lose on
      That part. The company do not have the right to use his name without his permission.

  3. Ted Gravely on said:

    Lady G – you’re right. I did a headline scan. I’ll retrack with this caveat – aaarrrgghhh…….folks start protecting your work/intellectual property. I see that some folks are saying he just popularized the dance. Since I’m not a dance connoisseur – I can’t call it. I wish him the best outcome.

  4. Carltons trippin. Crackers been doin that corny dance for years. As for these others suing over a dance..Thats BS too. Whats next. Suing athletes for doin the dance..suing will smith for dancing the shiggy!! Gtfoh!!

  5. I think Alfonso definitely took the dance to another level but the dance was already being done by nerdy white people in the early eighties. I hope his version is the one he is suing over and that he wins.

  6. Ted Gravely on said:

    He has a trade mark dance. People always trying to take someone else’s work and not properly pay them restitution. I hope he wins. Thieves.

    • Mac Daddy on said:

      As the curator of the BAW Gentrification Initiative, I assume the role of educating readers on, well, reading. A Trademark confers legal ownership of an entity. Alfonso has no such thing for “his” dance. Reading the article, it states he is now attempting to copyright it. So when the game was made, the developers had open source rights to use the dance move. Work with me Ted, we’ll both be better off

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