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It only took a Michigan jury nine minutes to clear the man who blasted N.W.A’s F*ck Tha Police at a cop who pulled over a Black driver.

According to M Live, James Webb, who is a white man, stopped at a gas station in June when he noticed that a Sheriff’s deputy had pulled over a Black driver named Dejuante Franklin. As a “form of protest,” Webb pulled up near Franklin’s car playing N.W.A.’s 1984 hit and left it blaring while he went into the store.

“I went over there and played that song loud. I meant to do it to the officer but as a form of protest,” Webb told Fox 2 News. “It was already up but I turned it up louder. Didn’t mean no violence, nothing, as a complete form of protest.”

Franklin said the music angered the deputy.

“The cop was talking to me, handing me my ticket, and was like ‘is he playing that for me?’” Franklin said. “I was like ‘I don’t know him, you ask him that question.’ He was like ‘I’m sick of this…I’m going over there now.’”

The officer reportedly followed Webb into the store and issued him a ticket for a noise complaint. In the police report, the officer specifically noted that the music was vulgar and offensive.

But instead of paying the ticket, Webb decided to fight the ticket in court, facing a higher fine of $500 and 93 days in jail.

“You got people standing out here and you’re playing ‘F*ck tha Police’ cause I’m sitting right here,” said the offended deputy. “I don’t care if it’s any other rap song, he’s dropping the F-bomb and cursing and swearing, nobody wants to hear that.”

Webb’s attorney, Nicholas Somberg, shot down the officer’s reasoning, noting that the music couldn’t have possibly disturbed anyone, even the people who were trying to sleep at the BP gas station. Somberg also had video proof that the officer wasn’t necessarily offended by the F-word.

“The police officer’s reasoning was that he said this music was vulgar,” Somberg said in court. “And part of the vulgarity was that it used the F-word, but we had on the video that the first man the officer had pulled over; the officer is dropping F-bombs with him. So why is it OK for this man to hear the F-word but not other people?”

It took the jury less than 10 minutes to find Webb not guilty.

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29 thoughts on “Jury Clears Man Who Blasted ‘F*ck Tha Police’ At Cop Who Pulled Over Black Driver

  1. Aliyahoo B Yisrael on said:

    Many people aren’t happy with the police now days . Talking about trust the community have loss that argument long ago .

  2. Ted Gravely on said:

    Not impressed – let a black man do that and the following would have transpired; wrestled to the ground, the coward cop pretending to smell marijuana or he would have been shot. Now if he lived to fight it in court; the charges would have been resisting arrest, disturbing the peace, and other made up charges with a 10 year minimum sentence. If he doesn’t take the plea, that same jury would have come back in 2 minutes with a guilty verdict. People would be shouting “just comply.” Next!

  3. Also, if that man had been Black playing that song, He would be dead because the cop would not have given him a ticket, he would have him.

  4. By the way, we are not Afro Americans. For those who don’t know, Afro is a hair style. We are African American or Black American if you prefer. Have you ever heard the term Mexi American or Porto American?? Just saying. Get it right.

  5. Lol maybe he should’ve played Crooked Officer by the Geto Boys? Would that have been better? People tripping on lyrics that are 34 years old. Hmmm they must still hold weight lol. Even when the song came out nobody was going out killing cops. You people are too sensitive lol. Getting beat robbed and his car stolen by the homeboys 🤣🤣🤣. If he’s blasting F#ck the police he’s already been in the hood with homeboys idiot.

  6. Isn’t that his freedom of speech as an American ? Good that that jurors interpreted as it rightly should be , plain old harassment

  7. Annette R. Stephens on said:

    Had the Caucasian been Afro American he’d been shot up by the assisting Caucasian officers that’s a fact. Most Caucasian Officer are truly afraid of Afro American Men and will shoot them just for sport because the Officer is armed, that’s why they don’t need to be armed. Take away their guns and Caucasians would be much more respectful of others not just other Caucasians

  8. So these lyrics aren’t offensive, ” A YOUNG N…A ON THE WARPATH , AND WHEN I FINISH IT’S GONNA BE A BLOODBATH , OF COPS DYING IN L.A. LISTEN UP I GOT SOMETHING TO SAY, F..K THA POLICE! ” There are some good police as well as bad one’s. Would you rather live in society without these good officers because eventually no one is going to want the job. I don’t anymore.

    • Annette R. Stephens on said:

      As long as “Good” Cops turn a blind eye to the Racists ones activity I’ll support those lyrics!! Afro Americans are losing their lives at an alarming rate because of Crooked Racists Cops that has to stop! We all Bleed, Eat, and Die so what make Caucasian think they’re better than Afro Americans, Mexicans, Puerto Ricans or any other different Cultures? They’re NOT! So stop supporting their unlawful ways…

      • So when you see someone get shot, beatdown, stealing, selling dope, harassing someone, or just anything against the law that you may have witnessed…..the public doesn’t turn a blind eye? One thing i’ve learned is all blacks don’t have your best interest just like all whites don’t so I do better when I look at the situation. And I know from experience that all good cops don’t turn a blind eye!

    • That’s what you all do everyday, that white boy was not seen as a threat because of his White Skin, black skin is always seen as a threat.

  9. The true irony is it will probably be that same cop that saves his silly white ass when the homeboys are beating his ass and stealing his car, this reminds me of an episode of Cops where a gang task force in Philly pulls over a car for a traffic infraction passers by yelled at the cops, turns out the YBM were members of a gang and the guns found in the car were going to be used in a drive-by they were headed to I’m pretty sure the crime wasn’t going to take place in a rich white neighborhood

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