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A viral video posted on Friday captured New York City police officers violently dragging a Black woman across the floor of a food assistance center to pull her 1-year-old baby from her arms. The shocking video, which shows the officers using excessive force in a situation that could have ben handled less violently, has city officials demanding answers.

Police arrested the mother in the video, identified as 23-year-old Jazmine Headley, for resisting arrest, acting in a manner injurious to a child and other offenses when she refused to get up from the floor and leave a government food stamp center in Brooklyn, WPIX-TV reported.

Eyewitness Monae Sinclair posted the video that was viewed more than 200,000 times by Monday morning. Sinclair explained that Headley sat on the floor because there weren’t enough chairs at the facility. A security guard called the police after arguing with Headley.

A crowd is seen in the video surrounding the police, pleading with the officer to leave Headley alone. The mother is heard saying, “They’re hurting my son. They’re hurting my son. I’m begging you.”

New York City Public Advocate Tish James, who was elected the state’s attorney general in November, sharply criticized how the officers handled the situation.

“Being poor is not a crime. The actions of the officers in this video are appalling & contemptible. There must be a full investigation & the results made public. No mother should have to experience the trauma & humiliation we all witnessed in this video, James Tweeted.

Sinclair found the words to express how most people felt after watching the video. “I’m so fu**ing disgusted with the NYPD. I’m a mother myself and I would’ve lost my fu**ing mind if this was me. They would’ve had to kill me,” said wrote in the caption of her Facebook video.

The video also attracted the attention of New York City Council Speaker Corey Johnson. He tweeted that the video is “unacceptable, appalling and heart breaking” and demanded to know how the police department “justifies” the officers’ actions.

Apparently, police officials don’t have any answers. They reportedly launched an investigation.

“Video images of the incident in the 84th precinct are troubling, and the event is under review by the NYPD and HRA Police. This review will include examination of all available video of the incident,” an NYPD statement said.

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6 thoughts on “‘Troubling’ Video Shows Cops Assaulting Innocent Mother And Yanking Her Baby Away

  1. I’m wondering if she was blocking the right of way because that has been the only time I’ve witnessed someone being asked to move, they are posing a tripping hazard. Security will ask you to move. Articles said she was locked up but not because of the sitting in the floor incident but due to her having outstanding warrants, which would also explain why she wouldn’t relinquish the child, if any of this is true.

  2. Damn! Why didn’t she just get up off the floor? When she told the security guard why she was sitting on the floor, why didn’t he just politely ask some of the young men in the joint to let her sit down? Why call the police when she wasn’t doing anything to bother anyone? What is the rule for someone sitting on the floor? What really bothers me is that no one, NO ONE offered this young lady a seat when they saw her sitting on the floor with her child, but EVERYONE was ready to whip out a damned cell phone to record what was happening to her when she was being manhandled by the police. Everybody, including her, acted badly. Especially her. She had a baby to protect and letting herself be put in the position to be dragged around like a bag of rocks and having people play tug-of-war with her child, just stupid. What was the point? Just stupid.

    • Mac Daddy on said:

      That’s is Real Talk Kates. You are the truth whisperer. Ain’t a surprise to nobody that black women are the worst stewards of children on this planet. Time and time again. I ain’t making this shiggidy up

    • That’s exactly right. Someone saw that was sitting on the floor with a small child before security or police and could have offered her their seat. Also she is just as much to blame for endangering her child by not complying with the first request to move.

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