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Members Of National Socialist Movement Hold Anti-Immigration Rally

(David McNew)

Law enforcement has a classification problem, and it’s making America more dangerous.

For the last two decades, local police and the FBI have categorized the criminal activities of white power groups as isolated incidents or hate-related.

We believe that’s wrong and leads to a lack of understanding of the power of these groups and the direction they are taking. It also leads to the under-policing of these groups.

As criminologists, our research is based on the rationale that “alt-right” groups are no different from conventional street gangs.

A uniform definition for a “gang” does not exist among scholars or law enforcement. However, criminal codes usually define a street gang as an ongoing group, club or association composed of five or more individuals that participate in either a felony, simple assault or destruction of property.

Categorizing alt-right groups as gangs would increase the attention they get from law enforcement and likely stem their violence. When police use traditional crowd control techniques to corral alt-right gangs at public demonstrations, it only reduces the chances of violence and does not address the root cause of white supremacy.

Unless law enforcement changes their approach accordingly, these groups will likely continue to grow and contribute to increases in extremist violence, particularly anti-Semitic attacks.

From tweets to the streets

In spite of public perception, scholars point out that the alt-right is not composed of “lone wolves” or a bunch of “Internet trolls.”

Nor is it a monolith with a unified ideology.

Instead, the alt-right is composed of a variety of factions that oppose multiculturalism, feminism, political correctness, globalism, establishment politics and immigration, and support President Donald Trump. The group’s core, however, is a racist movement revolving around beliefs of white nationalismincluding anti-Semitism and fear of “white racial genocide.”

Over the last two decades, the white power movement has adapted to thrive with the growth of the internet and social media. Digital communication platforms such as message boards, blogs and social media have provided an cheap way to promote white supremacy ideology, recruit members and maintain social ties between members.

Even though the alt-right evolved in the digital world, it has manifested in the real world. Alt-right gangs are regularly seen demonstrating and rallying in public, as in CharlottesvilleBerkeley and Portland, Oregon. All of those events ended in violence. Recently, in New York alt-right gangs have abandoned the pretense of peaceful gatherings and are now openly participating in street brawls.

Since 2017, the nonprofit Jewish organization, the Anti-Defamation League, has documented 54 far-right extremist protests and demonstrations, particularly in more progressive urban centers across the United States.

In the past year, the ADL has also documented more than 900 incidents of white power propaganda on or near college campuses.

Over the last two years, alt-right groups have also engaged in murderstockpiled firearms and explosives, and plotted terrorist attacks.

The alt-right’s other activities include assault and harassmentand hate-related crimes.

Proud Boys: An alt-right gang

Proud Boys is a self-described “Western chauvinist” men’s club that was founded in 2016 by Gavin McInnes. Like conventional street gangs, many of the characteristics used by scholars and law enforcement to identify a member of Proud Boys are used to identify members of a street gang.

Members are initiated with violent rituals. They routinely gather to socialize in spaces guarded from outsiders. Members are encouraged to engage in criminal acts of violence. Finally, McInnes has publicly called the group a gang – a documented predictor of gang membership.

McInnes claims that Proud Boys have chapters sprouting up all over the globe. There are, however, only about 30 chaptersdocumented in the United States. A half dozen exist in Canada. Even fewer exist across Europe, and McInnes has promised that chapters are “coming soon” to the rest of the globe.

Proud Boys are just one example of three known right-wing groups that are emerging as alt-right gangs.

Rise Above Movement and Atomwaffen Division are two other groups whose members, like Proud Boys, celebrates anti-Semitic violencestockpiles weapons and regularly participates in violence against counterprotesters.


Policymakers, law enforcement and analysts have the opportunity to change course and start addressing the lapse in policing of these domestic far-right extremists.

Education and exposure are effective remedies at limiting the racist message of the alt-right. But law enforcement could be more proactive.

A good starting point would be to begin systematically monitoring members of alt-right gangs, particularly individuals that are regularly engaging in street violence. The consistent and responsible collection of information for a gang database can be a tool to effectively target violent crime while also protecting individual civil liberties.

It is equally important for police agencies to be able to easily share such intelligence amongst themselves. This would greatly help police agencies identify those alt-right gang members that are participating in street violence across various jurisdictions.

Next, police agencies could utilize a “focused deterrence” approach that targets problematic groups engaging in violence. Such a strategy concentrates on chronic offenders and sends the message that violence will be met swiftly with enhanced sanctions. It also involves offering opportunities and resources to these individuals, such as vocational training, housing and substance abuse treatment to help end their criminal behavior.

Such approaches have consistently produced significant reductions in gang violence and can be part of the process to limit street violence of alt-right gangs.

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11 thoughts on “White Nationalist Groups Are Really Street Gangs, And Law Enforcement Needs To Treat Them That Way

  1. Ted Gravely on said:

    I call nonsense on this article. It’s trying to minimalize the problem. Labeling isn’t the problem – the problem is the infiltration of our institutions by RACISTS. Racists set the rules. It’s not just our police force it is also our fire departments, government, and military that are infiltrated by racists. Look at the top of the military structure – good old boy system alive and well. It’s not because blacks aren’t qualified, it’s that they don’t want a shake up of almost all white leadership at the top of each service. Here are the Army liars and killers; You have lying Gen Petraueus. Had an affair, mishandled classified and still retired a four star general. Lying traitor LTG Flynn. He’s chanting lock Hillary up and his criminal behind was a liar and a traitor. Now lying traitor Flynn is a retired three star making bank. Major General David Haight. This joker was a swinger. Yes a swinging d()k. He was reduced in rank but still earning a retirement. They are investigating another white general named Hurley. This guy was rumored to have an outside baby, beat his wife, ect. Our almost all white leadership is horrible. These supposed white leaders are so tainted that racist infiltrate the ranks and nothing is done unless they do something outrageous. James Field served and now charged with murder of Heather Heyer. He didn’t become a racist overnight. Back in 1995 a black couple at Fort Bragg NC was murdered by Wright and Burmeister. Two racists with Nazi flags and white supremacist pamphlets on base. As long as we have racist generals in the army, we will have ten army bases celebrating racists traitor southern fools like Fort Bragg, Fort Hood, Fort Polk and Fort Benning. The Army said two years ago that there was “no discussion of adjusting the naming policy.” It’s not limited to one thing – the Institutions are flat out racist because they didn’t start with black people in mind. So this article trying to narrow your focus. Don’t fall for the trap. The problem is racist don’t/won’t police racist.

  2. Passing Through!! on said:

    White Nationalist are the original terrorist of AmeriKKKa starting with the KKK. The racist white male is the most savage beast on the planet. The government has never treated them as an enemy of this country because they uphold all of the supremacist values that this country was founded on. The government wasted no time dismantling Marcus Garvy, Malcolm X Black Muslim movement, The Black Panther Party, murdered Dr. King and tried to destroy the Civil Rights Movement. And look at the racist POS who now occupies the white house, and they lie and say 45 “is not who we are!” yes he’s exactly who you are otherwise he wouldn’t have been elected.

  3. Law Enforcement knows that but they tend to focus on just one race doing the wrong thing, when clearly these people are violent and drug users.

  4. White Nationalists are nothing but HOMEGROWN TERRORISTS!!!!!!!!
    That Attorney General that Chump just picked needs to investigate these KKKlan groups.

  5. Michael Middleton on said:

    My goodness! Many Law Enforcement Officers are White Nationalist! Why would they treat themselves like street gangs???

    • americanize on said:

      You’re absolutely right Michael,law enforcement has been infiltrated by white extremist groups law enforcement won’t even called them terrorist,b/c the jails would be full of white supremacist.We as a group are on our own we have to protect ourselves and our family from these terrorist,be vigilent keep your eyes and ears open notice certain tats and dress.Notice when these terrorist groups march,they are fully protected by law enforcement.Black America you have no friends.

    • Passing Through!! on said:

      @ Michael Middleton & americanize
      Real talk…The police force has been long infiltrated starting with J edgar hoover head of the FBI who wreaked havoc on Marcus Garvey & Dr. King and the Civil Rights Movement. That queer devil is the face of the FBI has his name on federal building across the country. He was the government’s pit bull against black progression. Cross-dressing homo racist was pure evil in human form, and the FBI is still racist today. Launching probes on Black Lives Matter while allowing the white mass shooters to slip right through their fingertips. The two Boston Marathon shooters could have stopped but the FBI dropped the ball, they were warned about the mass shooter in Florida didn’t take it seriously. The black race has never been a threat to this country we’ve never flew planes through a building or tried to overthrow the government, the only thing black people have ever fought for was equality and humanity.

      • Passing Through!! on said:

        @Oscar Sylvan
        Like the originals we need them for community protection and self-defense,especially inopen-carry states
        Exactly, the original Black Panther Party was about serving the black community providing medical services and breakfast programs for the children. White AmeriKKKa painted them as black radicals because they carried guns to protect themselves and our community although the hicks in Texas and deep south states openly carry their weapons ready to shoot anything black.

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