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When Georgia couple Jeff and Michelle Green came across a deposit bag with almost $25,000 inside on Nov. 16., they immediately turned it over to police, not knowing that an investigation had already been launched into the missing cash.

Rincon Police Department received a call that same day from local business owner Gautambhai Patel, who said he lost that very bag of money that he was going to deposit in the bank.

“How about some GOOD news?!?” wrote the Rincon Police Department in a post on Facebook.

Today, local business owner Gautambhai Patel reported having lost a deposit bag with nearly $25,000! Our office began investigating but hoped that whoever would find the bag would do the right thing and turn it in. Local residents Jeff and Mechelle Green are those amazing people!”

“They recovered the bag and made sure it was returned to the rightful owner. We always encourage citizens to do the right thing both morally and legally! Thank you to the Green’s!” stated the post.


The post received over a hundred comments from Facebook users who praised the couple for being good Samaritans.

“Way to go Mr. & Mrs. Green! You will be blessed one day!!” wrote Melinda Roberson Jarrell under the post.

“Great people! God bless this Family!” wrote Cheryl Lipscomb.

“Mr G and family are very nice people [and] will give you the shirt off his back,” wrote Lucille Griffin Green.

“These folks will be blessed. The owner definitely should have rewarded them for their honesty and integrity.”

One user joked: “I would have stole that money like Kemp stole the election for Governor!! Without hesitation”

So what happens when you find valuables lying around and you’re not sure what to do with it. According to the Criminal Defense Lawyer online information site”

“Even though cash is not marked with the owner’s identity—like a check or savings bond—it is a piece of property that originally belonged to someone other than the finder. So technically, cash you find is not automatically yours,” states the website.

Many places have laws in place that require a person to turn in money over a certain amount… such as over $100, for example.

“In the U.S., traditional ethical guidelines about finding money are quite similar—you should try to find the owner and only keep the money if you made a reasonable effort and couldn’t locate the owner,” reports the website.

PHOTO: Rincon PD Facebook

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15 thoughts on “Good Samaritans Find 25K In Cash And Return To Rightful Owner

  1. This is a nice story. I really don’t think that people should be rewarded for conducting themselves ethically and morally. Those that are morally bankrupt have a problem with simple kindness and there is a lot of that here in this comment section. Seriously people. WTH is wrong with you? Geez. It really isn’t that serious.

  2. Autumn on said:

    Those cheap mf’s not going to give anybody anything ever. Most of those bastards are racists against Black people. F—k him he would’ve got s—t back.

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