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A sign that read, “New HPD law. Blacks can’t walk or work in this neighborhood,” was placed under the First Ward Welcome sight in Houston on Friday until a resident threw it away.

Gloria Perez saw it on Friday, and took it down. “I don’t want anybody reading that,” she told ABC13 Eyewitness News. “I thought it was really racist. No matter who it was towards. Both towards the black community, people of color, and the Houston Police Department. It offends everybody.”

“I decided to get it off the street. I didn’t want any child reading that period, and thinking their dreams could be restricted based off of a sign,” Perez added.

What drivers couldn’t see from afar was a sexist insult along with a female Houston police officer’s name on the bottom of the sign. ABC13 did not reveal her name.

Late Friday afternoon, HPD spokesman Victor Senties told the station the he was not aware of the sign, but said the department is “looking into it.”

Stories Of Racism And Discrimination In 2018
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8 thoughts on “‘Blacks Can’t Walk Or Work In This Neighborhood,’ Sign Warns

  1. charles on said:

    Let the WHITE MF RACIST KEEP IT UP.WE ARE GOING TO ELIMINATE THEM ALL!!!!!Staring whith that RACIST MF in the house on the hill (45 the CHUMP)

  2. Phoenix Rising on said:

    But crazy white mofos dressed in black trench coats and maga-billy hats, armed with assault weapons can walk into their child’s school and shoot it the hell up, and they’re fine with that.

  3. Thanks to Chump and his IGNORANT RACIST minions–this country is going backwards
    really fast.

    It is like the 1960’s all over again!!!!!!!!!!!!

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