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(Photo Credit: Post-Dispatch)

Precious Jones, 34, received a speeding ticket in St. Louis during Mothers Day weekend 2017.

But, she missed her August court date. “It slipped my mind,” she told the St. Louis Post-Dispatch. 

Jones turned herself in to local police, paid the bond on her outstanding warrant, and called the court to set up a new court date. She took driver education classes, did community service and hired an attorney who told her that if she agreed to pay a higher fine, the points wouldn’t be held against her driver’s license.

At her court date this past May, Jones pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor of doing at least 26 miles over the speed limit. The judge handed down a sentence of six months in jail as well as two years of probation. Her jail sentence would be suspended if she agreed to do 20 days of “shock time” in jail, meaning she’d spend every weekend for ten consecutive weekends in jail.

In addition to the jail time, Jones’ license was suspended because of the conviction, and it would only be reinstated when she paid all of her jail fines and served her time. When Jones asked the judge if her time could be served in a St Louis jail that was more local and convenient to her, the judge told her no.

So for 10 weeks she begged for rides to get to the Lafayette County Jail. One day in May, she was an hour late getting to the jail to serve her time. Another time in June, her car broke down on a day when she was supposed to be at the jail.

Jones called the jail, which documented the call. The next day she made it to Lafayette County. The jail kept her for her full two days.

By July, Jones figured she had paid her debt. She did all of her time, and she paid all of her fines, including a bill for her jail time.

In September, she got a notice from Lafayette County in the mail. There was a $2,500 warrant out for her arrest.

Because she had been late to jail, even though she stayed and served all of her time, prosecutor Kristen Hilbrenner was seeking to revoke her probation.

The attorney she hired, James Worthington, withdrew from her case saying he was not retained to work on what was now a probation violation case.

Jones, who initially only had a speeding ticket, is now facing six months in jail and a $2,500 warrant for her arrest.

“I don’t know what I’m going to do,” Jones told the Post-Dispatch. “They are just not going to let me go.”

Although court records state that she was told the original speeding ticket would not result in points against her driver license, no one told that to the Department of Revenue, so her license is currently suspended.

She is now forced to take the bus or get rides everywhere she needs to go. She has reached out to the NAACP and the ACLU for help.

In the meantime, she remains stuck in a system that seems designed to trap people.

“I’m losing everything,” Jones told the Post-Dispatch. “They keep coming back for more. They’re trying to milk me for all I’ve got.”

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38 thoughts on “Woman Faces 6 Months In Jail Over A Speeding Ticket She Already Paid And Served Time For

  1. I wish you racist, KKK trolls would leave this vine and this website. You are full of BS. How dare you whtppl, hillbillies or whatever even comment on any Black life. You don’t even know any Black people.

    • Mac Daddy not Baby Daddy on said:

      You know what Harold, your are a small minded racist, perennial victim. You’re logic that’s all blacks must think alike is not playing at this theatre anymore. Get your weak azz to steppin’ for I go Huggy Bear on you

      • African American Woman on said:

        Lol…so I guess white equals taking responsibility for your actions according to your illogical logic? You sound just like the “I’m black, therefore, I’m a victim that more and more of us are dissociating ourselves from. Now make sure you stay out of the sun while picking your cotton; its frying your brain.

    • Darren Scott on said:

      If you’re not used to going to court on sure it’s easy to forget a court dat. All Afro-American’s not used to going to court no matter what your up ringing has taught you.

      • African American Woman on said:

        You sound like a marginally intelligent, low self-esteem, inferiority complex having fool. Nobody mentioned her race but you, which really just proves what you think about yourself and other fellow black folk. Even BAW put that nonsense in quotation marks AND if you don’t go to court often; that’s more of a reason to remember. Grow some self love and try again.

    • S. Bland on said:

      It’s not like it was a murder trial that she forgot about. I have done the same thing so it is quite possible. People are dealing with all kinds of more pressing issues. I doubt she would be making all of this additional effort if she was just going to CHOOSE to say the hell with it in the first place. smh

      • People “forget” court dates all the time. I did it before myself. You know, outta sight; outta mind? Its all good until it catches up to you THEN its someone else’s fault. I guarantee you if letters went out to people saying show up at court in 5 years, 8 months, 22 minutes and 4 seconds from today to pick up free money; NO ONE would forget. Sometimes choices have bad consequences-this is one of them.

  2. Paul Robaszkiewicz on said:

    I call BS – So… she got a ticket (for something she admits) and did not pay it (ya know cause she could have paid that ticket and not had to go to court altogether), Then:

    She has to go to court, (because she did not pay the ticket)…

    MISSES court
    There’s a warrant out for her arrest
    She turns herself in.
    Goes to court.
    Gets a fine and sentence (harsh sentence for a ticket… yes, but… who knows what her previous driving record included? I’ll bet this wasn’t her first ticket or infraction).
    Gets sentenced (then asks the judge if she can spend those weekends in a whole different place… because… some other county or city should have to pay for incarcerating a wrongdoer from a different county/city) to weekends in jail for the ticket (which, once again, has to be because this ain’t her first traffic infraction rodeo)
    Iis then late to her stint in jail for the weekend
    Then misses showing up one of the weekends as scheduled (the reason doesn’t matter, the judge gave her a chance to make it right and she blew it)
    And, so… in the end she did NOT complete the judges sentence as she was ordered by the court to do… and is now attempting to become a social justice warrior and bitching and moaning over the fact the she screwed up and “the system just won’t let me go”?

    Would that be right? So because she didn’t do what she was REQUIRED to do, she feels that she should just be left to go her way because she did enough… Hmm… The only actual thing missing from this “story” are the words “black woman” so we can get the feeling that whitey is keeping the black woman down… which is B.S. – More like Precious Jones keeping Precious Jones down by her lack of responsibility… Something sorely lacking in the world today, no matter your color.

    • Precious Jones on said:

      Thank you for sharing my story. Thanks to all that read and understood I did everything they asked me paid every fine made every donation and did every day in jail that I was suppose too. The court date I missed I paid to have another and never missed another after that.

      • Mac Daddy on said:

        Over the posted speed limit by 25 mph is classified as reckless driving under the law. Don’t try to downplay the seriousness of your infraction by claiming it was a simple speeding ticket. You didn’t show for your court date, automatic bench warrant regardless of your skin color. Your are not a victim here, stop pandering to the weak minded.

      • African American Woman on said:

        Yea, I tried the old “I forgot to show up for my court date” excuse for a traffic violation. I also ignored the certified letters they were sending me…until they posted the warrant ob my front door. All of a sudden, I remembered everything! It cost me small fortune and a few months of ducking all contact with law enforcement, but the whole mess started with me. Sometimes you have to own up to the choices you make and take the hit. The only person I thought about contacting was a bail bondsman!

      • Mac Daddy not Baby Daddy on said:

        As the curator of the BAW Gentrification Program I am empowered to give out STAR awards for those among us who best exemplify the characteristics we are striving to instill…..Responsibility AND Accountability. African American Woman is our first proud recipient. Keep leading the way AAW, we bring change by example. Take note “perennially victims” Ted and Precious. Your shiggidy don’t play here no more.

  3. As a former resident of Lafayette County, mo. and a life long Missouri black man I only ask all of you to google the “little dixie” area in Missouri and its history… seriously little has change( the Confederate soldiers Memorial cemetery) is located here.

  4. I made a GoFundMe for her please support!

    Hey, I’m supporting this fundraiser, please have a look: ‘Justice for Precious Jones’

  5. This is sad I want to help her so bad!!! I should make a GoFundMe account for her. Would you all support her? I most definitely would! Who could I call or what could I do to help her?? I hate hearing stuff like this! When I see situations like this I immediately think “would could I do to help?” Someone please give ideas

  6. Ted Gravely on said:

    Racist system. You won’t find white people being subjected to this type of institutional racism. Heck you won’t find a white guy serving time for raping a “white” woman. These systems are built of putting black people behind bars for anything. Tip a cow – go to jail. Curse in public – go to jail. One system, unequal – no justice. Ridiculous. Remember Mr aw what was it “Affluenza.” Didn’t serve a day for killing four people and injuring nine. Out the box, she gets what for going 26mph over the posted speed limit. Justice isn’t fair, just white and black. Someone please get these coons off the site. I thought Mutt and Jeff and their sidekicks Step and Fetch were too busy licking the white man’s boots.

  7. They’ll screw you regardless of the colors.. it’s all about their power and what they see as their $.. lawyer cat sounds like a low-life p.o.s… they should name his sorry behind..

  8. Mac Daddy on said:

    OK, so sista was ticketed for reckless driving (>25mph), didn’t show up for her court date and ya’ll call the system racist. No wonder no one takes you fools seriously

      • Mac Daddy not Baby Daddy on said:

        According to her. You can also bet she has an atrocious driving record which played heavily into the courts actions. I see these tatted up hood rats weaving in and out of heavy traffic at unsafe speeds everyday in their Nissan Altima 2.5’s. Sorry not buying her half truths

  9. Sharon Phillips-Pittman on said:

    This is why voting is important The judge needs to be removed Clearly he has it out for her I bet rapists and murders are not going through the hell they are putting her through. Stay prayed up

  10. Christianforreal on said:

    Honey, believe it happens all over the country. My son spent a month in jail, not because of the traffic violation, which actually was a driving while black case, that he was able to beat. He ended up in jail for failure to follow the judges orders directly. SMH

  11. The system IS designed to SCREW over Folks of Color.
    Shit like this NEVER happens to white folks!!!!!!!!!!!

    St. Louis must be MIGHTY DAMN HARD-UP for $$$$.
    The State of Missouri might as well be the DEEP SOUTH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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