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(Photo Credit: PR Photos)

An Idris Elba doll has caused a stir over whether it actually looks like the British hunk.

Black Twitter has slammed doll company Emperis for it’s failed attempt to make a likeness of the “sexiest man alive.”

One Twitter user said: “Somebody made a Montel Williams doll and trying to pawn it off as Idris Elba.”

Another said: ‘Wait that was supposed to be Idris Elba? somebody needs to fix that.’

Some even think the doll look more like actor Romany Malco.

When the dapper doll caught the attention of Montel, he also thought it was modeled after his likeness. The former talk show host tweeted: “Ok, so I guess I have a doll now.”

Despite the confusion, the $1,100 Idris doll sold out quickly, reports, also noting that “The Real” co-host Loni Love is not a fan of the somewhat tragic looking doll. Watch the clip above.

Here’s how Emperis described the doll on its website:

Emperis Proudly presents one of Hollywood’s most iconic actors Idris Elba. A special sculpted Idris likeness. An Emperis Homme standing 17 inches tall, he has a toned, masculine physique. He is made of the new resin which is lighter but stronger and gives a flesh-like feel to the touch and has a smoothness of quality that you will love.

Here are more reactions from stunned Black Twitter:

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