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(Photo credit: Michelle Williams Instagram)

In interracial relationships the topic of race can be a touchy subject, and it’s no different in celebrity relationships. On the second episode of Michelle Williams’ new show Chad Loves Michelle, the couple revealed in one argument race was brought up by Michelle, and Chad didn’t like it.

“I said something to him on the lines of ‘Well, Chad, because you are not Black you would not understand why I communicate the way I do. Maybe because you didn’t grow up around a lot of Black people.’ So that was very, very offensive to Chad,” Michelle recalled.

Chad was so offended that he brought up Michelle’s battle with mental health issues.

“And this is not to justify it, but yesterday when we had the disagreement, he said ‘Did you take your meds today?’” Michelle told the counselor.

Chad said he apologized for the remark and admitted that he lost his temper, because his future wife brought up their racial differences.

Chad Loves Michelle airs on OWN Saturdays at 9:00 EST.

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