Roland Martin: ‘Last Night Was A Good Night’


Yesterday was election day and Black America did suffer some big losses, but there were some big wins too!

Democrats took back the house, “last night was a good night” he says.

Elijah Cummings will be leading investigations into the Trump campaign and Black people will be vying to be speaker of the house.

In Florida 1.4 million people with felonies on their record will be getting the right to vote back, which is huge!

All 19 Black women running for judge in Harris County, TX won. So don’t get caught up in the losses, “Black America did well last night,” Roland says.


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8 thoughts on “Roland Martin: ‘Last Night Was A Good Night’

    • The thing in the wh was in Hollywood. Besides the stars have a right to support whom ever they want. 45 is mad Bc they don’t like his fake azz. They didn’t help mich this ye. But there will be another election in two yrs.

  1. Mr Martin I must commend you on the exellent job you just did on BLOWING SMOKE UP THE AZZES of the democratic plantation negros dis-heartend by the major losses last night

  2. poor l and hoodtechie.. take your toys and go back where you came, you are not wanted here or anywhere or that fact. nobody cares about you crybabies. get off this site and attempt to get a life. idiots.

    • Why do you have to resort to name calling just because someone have a different opinion than you. It is the individual rights to vote how they deem will better their lives. What have Dems done to help black Americans. Immigration and open borders programs will affect low poverty black neighborhoods because like now, they will continue to be ignored. Increasing taxes and healthcare programs will affect middle class the most. What no party talk about is prison reform, education reform, justice reform, things that affect black communities.

  3. hoodtechie on said:

    roland gtfoh the republicans gained more seats in the senate and governor seats.we haven’t won anything but place the same old liberals back in the house who will do nothing for our issues.but because of sambo’s like you democrats will do nothing once again,they are truly the pimps and we are their whores.once again the blacks have been played,you just refuse to come off the plantation and are keeping as many of our brothers/sisters there with you.

  4. The DEMS need to BOW DOWN and kiss OUR asses for ALWAYS LIFTING their asses up.
    Which is why when I did vote yesterday, I REFUSED to vote DEMOCRATIC.

    There needs to be an Independent third party in this country-one that represents the working class and not the STATUS QUO!!!!!!!!!

    Screw both the GOP and the DEMS with GIANT BROOMSTICKS!!!!!!!!!

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