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A video of an interview Hillary Clinton participated in over the weekend was making the rounds online Monday night, and viewers could be forgiven for confusing what the former secretary of state said at first listen.

She and the interviewer – Recode’s Kara Swisher – were discussing political correctness Friday night at the event in New York City when Clinton was asked what she thought about a quote by former U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder. However, Swisher incorrectly referred to Holder as New Jersey Sen. Cory Booker. Clinton quickly corrected Swisher before offering an inappropriate, yet [hopefully] playful, quip:

“I know they all look alike,” Clinton said almost instinctively, perhaps making the viewer think the footage may have been doctored because, of course, what former Democratic presidential nominee who was overwhelmingly supported by Black voters would ever say such a thing; especially in public?

Swisher, perhaps catching on a bit too late to what every last Democrat probably hopes was just an innocent wisecrack, no matter how tasteless, quickly said, “No, they don’t,” before saying: “Oh, well done.”

See the snippet below.

It was all quite awkward, and the Twitter fingers of seemingly every single right-wing troll got to typing as soon as they caught wind of it. Swisher was obviously at fault, coming off as unprepared for the high profile interview, confusing two Black people who have each had very different roles in government.

Maybe she was even clowning Swisher for her apparent ignorance. But Clinton, a seasoned political veteran should have been savvy enough to know better than to utter those fateful words, joke or not.

Recode published a transcript from the interview, confirming Clinton’s ill-worded joke which was initially overshadowed by the widespread reports from the same event that she said she would “like to be president.”

Democrats — especially the 19 who she just endorsed on Monday — were likely bristling at Clinton’s choice of words, which came at a time when race relations around the country were seemingly at an all-time low, partially (mostly?) because of the man to whom she lost the 2016 presidential election.

Clinton may have some other concerns about her joke; namely the fact that she was still trying to live down her 1996 “super predators” comment, which her then-Democratic primary opponent Bernie Sanders said in 2015 was about young Black men who were exponentially imprisoned because of former President Bill Clinton’s controversial 1994 crime bill.

There was also the disproven claim that Clinton’s failed 2008 presidential campaign helped perpetuate the false birther movement surrounding Barack Obama that Donald Trump took and ran with.

Considering those questions hanging over her head, it’s inexplicable why Clinton would decide to utter that combination of words to describe two powerful African-American men; even if it was a joke.

See a video of the full interview below and judge for yourself.





Hillary Clinton Says All Black People ‘Look Alike’…But Was It A Joke? was originally published on newsone.com

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41 thoughts on “Hillary Clinton Says All Black People ‘Look Alike’…But Was It A Joke?

  1. Jordon on said:

    HILLARY alone made the racist joke in response. The fault/Racism IS ALL HILLARY’s. The interviewer made an honest mistake. BE HONEST FOLKS – most comments understand this fact. It is the few APOLOGISTS for the Dem party that need to WAKE UP. Suggestion: we can make more effective change by joining the Republican party. Seriously guys, they open their arms, the Dems take us for granted. Look at Candice Owens. We can more effectively create a more fair world for african americans from the center right in my opinion, anyone agree?

  2. I personally do not favor her or find her little “joke” funny or something to just brush off..she like Trump don’t like black people and the only reason people voted for her as president is because nobody wanted Trump in office.

    • dopedop12 on said:

      You wrong I am as black as you are and I voted for Trump and doing it again 2020 he is not racist people can’t say that he is a racist for up holding the law on immigration. All I know is every one of my people I know has benefited with him in office word up

      • I don’t think an opinion can be wrong. I believe that they both don’t like black people and I doubt that he will make it to 2020 and are you handicapped by any chance? I am and not one handicap or disabled person has benefitted from his presidency. Please shhh and don’t say I’m wrong for stating my opinion.

      • dopedop12 on said:

        I totally respect your opinion as I hope you do with mine . Because I totally support trump as a black man doesn’t make me a handicapped etc I own a small home remodeling company since trump went into office by profits are up 30 percent. Not just from the tax cuts but its trumps economy is so positive people are spending more on there houses as they were not as much before him I have work lined up for Next 9 months I’m advace and was able to hire few guys so yes Trump is doing great for this black man ! However I do not like him as a person and his mouth is horrible but a great president the man doesn’t quit

  3. Robert on said:

    Joke or not it was inappropriate and if it was a Republican that said liberals would be furious. Your own article seems to condone it. What a bunch of hypocrites.

  4. As usual, a non-issue is taken out of context by race baiters and blown up into a big steaming pile of shit that people keep hot, stinky and steaming by stepping into it instead of stepping over it and letting it dry up. Ignorance, too much time on their hands and a need to constantly cause chaos just keeps the mayhem brewing.

    • When did Hillary Clinton get a black pass! If this
      this comment was made by anyone else the m
      media would have been in an uproar daily! If you are not black you can’t know the real depth of this type of comment. And, if you are black this is not a trivial joke from a non black person. She does not get a pass because she is so beloved by the black community!

      • I’m as black as black can get. Taken in context, which very few seem to be willing to do because people just have to have something to whine about, it is (I’ll say it again) much ado about absolutely nothing.

  5. Johnson on said:

    IT SEEMS DEMOCRATS GET A FREE PASS TO SAY ANYTHING THEY WANT…If a Republican said what Hillary said….they would be condemned from every angle and there would be no defense for it….but Megan Kelly gets fired and Rosanne’s TV show gets cancelled…but Hillary?? no problem…talk about a Hypocritical double standard.Everyday, good people watch what they say, that are not on TV. Politicians…in this,” people getting offended at everything kind of climate”, have to be 1000 times more careful. Anybody that would vote for Hillary, you would have have a screw loose, because in my opinion…she’s an idiot.

    • Trump says stupid shit all the time; spends my money doing it, and you act like it’s nothing. It was sarcasm. You people are just hate. There’s a difference. And if you want an idiot chump look at your president and yourself.

      • @DK— i concur. The fact that these trump loving idiots have the audacity to complain about anyone is deplorable. 45 is the worse of the worse. It can’t get any worse than this fake presidency.

      • And apparently you’ve been in a coma during broadcast videos of ANTIFA, and other left-wing radicals assaulting conservatives

      • Ramon Smart’EL on said:

        Democrats are the racist pigs in America! The mainstream media makes trump as a racist! He is not at all. Trying to keep illegals out of the country is not racism it’s the LAW


    • I totally agree Joy. I’m all for setting time limits on all politicians. Presidents can only serve 2 four year terms, the rest should only be allowed the same. It’s time for the Clintons to take a seat also. Damn they should be tired! Go and enjoy your grandkids, or something! What we need is a good Independent, that can’t loose. Give republicans and democrats something to think about, and not take our votes for granted.

  7. They don’t want to be called fake news but I don’t see a thing about this on CNN or MSNBC. Be honest, if Trump had said that it would be their headline today and Alex Baldwin would be doing it on SNL this weekend.

  8. amonre on said:

    Black folks really….i think sometimes we talk things to serious it was the interviewer who made the mistake ….we need to be more worried about the orange man in the white. house we need …who working everyday to under mind our countries freedoms ..make we support people who work for your good

  9. Ted Gravely on said:

    She is more active now than on the campaign trail. I pray she doesn’t think about running again. Her time has passed. She’s also way too savvy for this type of comment. Or perhaps not – that’s why she will never be POTUS. Choosing between her and the Orange Puppet was like choosing being trash and garbage. It’s all the same.

    • dopedop12 on said:

      Trump has done a great job and I didn’t vote for him as a black man I regretted not voting for him I personally don’t like his mouth.but the economy and his policy is amazing

  10. americanize on said:

    Nothing no white person says or do as it relates to black people shocks or surprise me.Black America you have no friends.

  11. Yeah-I just read on a foreign site she is considering running again in 2020 that’s why I came here to see if it was public here yet. Can’t find it anywhere THAN I read this sit which only means
    that sit is in her vernacular. Maybe she needs to give it up because with sit like that I can’t vote for her.

  12. hoodtechie on said:

    What difference does it make, the clintons have so call black leaders kissing their feet. Not one prominent black politician or radio/TV host will call her out. This is why many blacks have no power in D.C. their leaders will be silent on anything a democrat says but quick to raise holy hell when a conservative says anything of an inkling of a derogatory remark. We have been sold out if the naacp,sclc or the cbc remain silent. We know the news networks dare say anything about this issue or even bring it up. Had this been president trump it would be all over the airwaves.smdh

    • That’s Russia’s fault. Trump says and does shit all the time and you act like it’s nothing. So shut your stupid hypocrite mouth.

      • I won’t shut up idiot. I supported Hillary. She lost. She couldn’t beat a damn racist. We don’t want or need to hear from here now!! Next!!

  13. WAYNE HANSEN on said:

    I am sorry but even if not ill intended this should be shouted down by all media. We just had Megyn Kelly raked all over liberal media as defending “BlackFace” which if you watched is not what she did (she questioned if Halloween should be considered blackface)….not trying to defend Megyn but Megyn’s quip was clearly not ill intended and she is now the face of racism in America. What Hillary did here would definitely qualify as intended racism (Was DeSantis/Gillum comment racist?/Was Roseanne comment racist?)…..I have my own point of views on all of this but I certainly applaud you for mentioning Hillary’s racist implied indiscretion as nary a peep on most liberal MSM. We need to stop all racism and we can’t do that when some racism is defended as ok or ignored….it all needs to go any race, any racist.

    • Wayne from what I’ve read it appears that NBC was waiting for an excuse to fire her because of other issues going on behind the scene (so her whole issue appears to have been deeper than what were hearing, and seeing on the surface). My concern is that NBC was reportedly paying her 23 million dollars a year. How ridiculous is that. Anyone can discuss the topic, and gossip of the day, and would gladly do it for several mil a year. Why networks think every day people have an alliance to talk show hosts is beyond me. These days who cares who’s gossiping are reading off oa a tele-propter

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