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Okay, so there’s really not a lot going on in this episode. If you’re looking for a pick up from where we left off with last week’s episode, you won’t find it here.

Not only do we not see someone snatch Zora up by her collar and shake some sense into her, we don’t see her at all in this episode.

Nope, this one is all about Bishop (Keith James)! He’s feeling vulnerable and old (no shade).

The divorce papers have been delivered just as he’s preparing for his silver jubilee service and they have his head spinning. He doesn’t know if he wants to sign them and be done with it or hold off for a while just to see what could be.

It’s like those Facebook relationship statuses that read – “it’s complicated”.

Meanwhile he’s still staying with his good friend Percy (Richard Gant) who apparently has “in-home” services provided once a week from random women he’s paying to spend time with.

After one of those in-home services, Bishop returns to Percy’s home and walks into the kitchen where he finds a woman by the name of Teresa, dressed in a skin tight, provocative dress. In a round-about way she offers her services to Bishop and he politely declines.

After this encounter Bishop has a conversation with Percy where Percy reveals he’s envious of Bishop and what he has going on with Rochelle (Letoya Luckett).

She’s a young, attractive woman who wants Bishop with no payments involved….yet, but Bishop continues to give her the cold shoulder.

This conversation gets Bishop thinking about what a woman like Rochelle might really want with him. So, he asks her. He wants to know her angle.

Why does someone like you love someone like me? It’s a valid question, especially with Lady Mae (Lynn Whitfield) and Grace (Merle Dandridge) constantly in his ear about how much they don’t trust her.

In true Rochelle fashion she answers with a couple of manipulative tears shed while she tells him that she’s tired of being suspected of being up to no good.

She tells him to check his account status that she helped him set up to get out of the IRS debt He checks it and sees that he’s already doubled the money he’s invested with her. After that, he promises to never doubt or question her intentions again.

He’s also trying to be a goof granddad to the one granddaughter he might be able to help. He goes to Sophia (Desiree Ross) to provide some comforting words of wisdom in her time of displacement.

Bishop asks Sophia to show up in church on Sunday and she does. But, her attendance still doesn’t change the fact that she feels completely disconnected from God.

Bishop also carves out the time to visit with Charity and baby Nathan. He can see something’s troubling Charity so he talks with her and finds out that she’s jealous of Kevin (Tye White) and Aaron’s (Aaron Geoffries) relationship. They’re making plans to be together indefinitely and she’s still searching for her happy ending.

Bishop also makes amends with his old friend Lionel (Tim Reid), Aaron’s father, after finding out he’s dying of pancreatic cancer. He goes to visit with Lionel at what looks to be some sort of assisted living or hospice facility. Lionel apologizes to Bishop for his affair with Mae and Bishop accepts his apology.

In the end, Bishop signs the divorce papers and brings the documents directly to Mae’s office where she signs them too. The papers will be mailed to Bishop’s attorney and… who knows where they go from here. But, I have a strange feeling that Bishop’s future plans will include a lot more of Rochelle.





Wanda J. Coppage is a full -time Music Director at an Urban AC radio station, journalist and proud Virginia State University alum – Go Trojans! As a music enthusiast who can’t go a day without hearing R&B/Soul or Classic Hip Hop as well as a TV passionista, why not live a life that covers both?