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CBS reports, the white St. Louis woman who was filmed trying to prevent a black man from entering the luxury apartment building he lives in, has been fired from her job. D’Arreion Toles said he was returning home from work when the unidentified tenant physically blocked him from entering the downtown building.

Toles recorded the incident on his cellphone and posted the video to Facebook. The video has more than 4 million views and has been shared over 113,000 times. The video shows the woman demanding proof that Toles lives in the apartment building. She can be seen standing in front of the entrance, refusing to let him in.

Toles eventually pushes past the woman, who begins to ask who he’s visiting and follows him to his apartment door. When she realized Toles was in fact a resident, she begins to claim that she wants to introduce herself as a neighbor.

Toles said police arrived at his apartment about 30 minutes after he entered his apartment, but they left without giving anyone a citation.

Stories Of Racism And Discrimination In 2018
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78 thoughts on “White Woman Blocks Black Man From Entering His Apartment Building [Video]

  1. Mrknowitall on said:

    Go on YouTube & you will see racist black bigots specifically following European Americans into buildings & violently attacking them.

  2. This caught my attention “The police arrived about 30 minutes after he entered his apartment” and I’m trying to imagine the 911 call she made. It might have gone a little something like this… “911, what’s your emergency”? “Yes, I want to report a suspicious person in my building. I didn’t see him use his own key fob so I don’t believe he lives here. I repeatedly hounded him and followed to his apartment where I saw him enter. Can you send an officer over right away? His apartment number is ___. Hurry!!!”

    Even after seeing him enter his own apartment she STILL called police!!!

  3. The Truth on said:

    This is a hate crime directed towards the Black guy and should be treated as such. It is harassment, racism and even stalking. The white woman should have gotten fired especially given her type of job. This is racial profiling. She (Hilary) seems to be a little bitter after her broken relationship. She needs to apologize minimal and quit trying to justify her ridiculous actions. Blacks, Whites, Latinos, Mexicans, Asians etc. Let’s quit profiling people and repent of bias and racism. Who ever is guilty !

  4. Thank you white people for being so hateful most are. This skin color white privileged thing is just crazy white while we did not ask to come here we’ll be here.thank you my black people let’s keep it going doing better and better 👍🏾

    • Now that you’ve gotten that out of your system, fire off another impassioned letter to Rep. Betty Cook about her ignorant racist comments to Asians. White people aren’t the only racists slithering among us.

      • Michael Middleton on said:

        kates1221…..”White people aren’t the only racists slithering among us”

        We don’t believe that you are Black among us. You’re just a smokescreen!

      • Don’t be silly. Who cares what you randomly believe about someone you know absolutely nothing about? Nice try at deflecting though.

  5. Beatrice Brown on said:

    Broken white women ! What has happened to these white women that they are so broken to be filled with such hatred who continue to harass black people especially black men.No other group of women on the planet have harassed black people the way they do.This is a hate crime and should be treated as such penalties need to be placed and fines paid till this ends before someone gets hurt .

  6. The sad part is when Blacks start really reacting to these crazy ass white women, than Blacks are the problem. She didn’t realize following that man to his apartment he could have hurt her. WOW IS ALL I HAVE!!!!!!

    • I watched the video 1st on you tube but it was only part of it. Now bbn I see it entirely and I’m thinking IF she feels he doesn’t belong there or uncomfortable who get in an elevator with a stranger you feel uncomfortable with and you dont think he lives there. WOW!! No she really wanted to be right though deep down she knew this was a bit crazy. I’m surely he didnt feel she had the right to question him but he could have let the door close and then buzz himself in and look back at her like….GO SIT YOUR A$$ Down somewhere. Sometimes you just gotta shut stuff down with proof although it most likely bothered him to be questioned about his own place. However she gave her u it to a stranger she feels uncomfortable with. Not sure of the policy in this secure building
      Further more she said he walked from up the street ok if he didnt buzz in as she is saying and she say him walk up WTH did you come thru the door. SMH

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