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Curtis Barnum, 53, was killed Tuesday night at a D.C gas station. Surveillance video shows that Barnum parked near the door, under a light, and went inside to purchase a snack. When he returned to his truck, he was stabbed multiple times and carjacked.

According to NBC 4, Barnum was a partially disabled home improvement contractor who was known for helping neighbors when they needed it.

“If you needed a ride, he would give it to you,” his sister Wendii Burstion told NBC 4. “If he had five, he would give you two-fifty. That was Curtis. Whatever else was going on, my brother had a great heart.”

According to D.C police Antione Little, 42, is suspected of killing Barnum. Little was arrested Wednesday morning after he returned to the scene and charged with murder.

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12 thoughts on “Man Carjacked, Killed At D.C Gas Station [Video]

  1. Let’s be clear no one is saying in the Black community that we don’t want criminals arrested, charged and convicted if they commit a criminal act.
    BLM is saying that as Black people we matter also and treat us with the same respect you would treat others. Not assume that all Black people commit crimes and others do not. Approach me with the same caution as you would others. Don’t kill me and tell me you felt threatened, while others are treated differently

    • Franco, they know that. That’s part of the sick games racist play, to try to undermine our quest for equal justice. When have you ever seen or heard of one of them criticizing or apologizing for white hate groups? They don’t recognize rational thinking, like your comment. Everything you stated, is correct to sane people. I’m happy they’ve already caught this heathen. I’m sure that’s some comfort to the family.

    • Traci Thompson on said:

      Don’t know why you went there. No reason whatsoever. Has zero to do with black lives matter. Condolences to the family. How hard is it for you to be respectful?

      • Mac Daddy not Baby Daddy on said:

        You’re right, BLM only comes out from under their rock when there is a white person or cop to bilk money from

    • I guess they were doing what your white(so called superior nationalist) do when, they’re not preventing one of your kind from killing their wives and kids, or driving their 6 black adopted kids off a mountain side. You and that air brained MAC D, need to go sit in traffic.

  2. tedgravely on said:

    Senseless killing. Man trying to earn a honest living and life snuffed out,……..just because. Condolences to that family.

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