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Exactly a month ago, Amber Guyger, the 30-year-old officer who killed Botham Shem Jean in his own home, was charged with manslaughter. This after she was already on the streets for 72 hours after the shooting. However, activists have been demanding that Guyger be charged with murder and putting pressure on the Black district attorney, Faith Johnson, who recently conducted an interview with NBC in Dallas that may have made things worse.

The Republican, whose election to remain DA is next month, said the case was handed over to the Texas Rangers, which has been accused of police cover-ups. However, Johnson explained, “they took over after the Dallas Police department invited them in so they would have an independent investigator.” She said they were responsible for deciding on the manslaughter charge, not her office.

She continued, “We now are the lead agency on the case. Now we are getting the case ready for the grand jury. We plan to give the grand jury every piece of evidence that’s going to be necessary to help them make the right decision in the case. Not only will we give all the evidence, but we also plan to explain the law to them thoroughly in terms of what this office says. I think that’s one of the things that I want to make certain is that the people of Dallas County understand is that we are not trying to work so we will miss anything. We don’t want to miss anything.”

When asked what should happen once the case reaches the grand jury, she said, “Once we give them all the facts of the case we believe that they’re going to do the right thing. We don’t want to change the grand jury at this point in terms of what will come out of the grand jury.”

She added, “Only thing I’m saying to the people of Dallas County — trust me — we are planning to put before this grand jury, as soon as we can. In fact, we’re trying to expedite it to get it even quicker than we probably should, do but we’re not going to compromise anything. That’s what is so critical, we don’t want to compromise any evidence that we think is going to be critical for them to make the right decision in the case.” See the full interview below:

Clearly, it’s hard to trust anything coming out of the Dallas Police Department, the Texas Rangers and the district attorneys office. There have been so many mistakes made in this case; from never searching Guyger’s apartment to claiming Botham Jean was a pothead to protesters in jail longer than Guyger was.

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