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(Photo Credit: Kalan Haywood for State Assembly Facebook)

At only 19-years-old, Kalan Haywood Jr. will be the youngest state legislator in Wisconsin. He may also be the youngest legislator in the nation, according to some political experts.

” … Being young is going to play well with some people, but there will also be people who doubt me because of my age, which is fair — it’s new,” Haywood told the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. “My age is my biggest asset.”

Haywood has dreamed of running for public office since he was eight-years-old, and has reportedly always had a passion for public service. He was elected to Milwaukee Youth Council by the time he was 14 and later served as student body president his last few years of high school. His dreams were finally realized in August when he was victorious in a five-way primary election.

With no Republican contender, the second-year business major is assured the 16th District seat come January.

He may not be old enough to gamble, rent a car, or have a drink; but he will soon voting on legislation concerning issues he can’t quite benefit from just yet.

First on his agenda, Haywood said he wants to amend a law that mandates high school students to pass a civics exam.  He also wants to also propose that all 18-year-olds are required to register to vote.

“Adding the requirement of registering to vote is very important, especially in my district where we get a very low (voter) turnout compared to a total population,” Haywood told the Sentinel.