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Kelis allegedly played her former nanny hella shady, so the woman sued the singer for nearly $20K and won!

According to court documents obtained by The Blast, Soraya Tascon filed a complaint with the Labor Commission of the State of California accusing Kelis of refusing to pay her in full for work done and for leaving her stranded in another country.

Kelis has been ordered to pay $17,000 to Tascon and a portion of the judgment is to cover the plane ticket she was forced to purchase when the singer fired her in London.

Tascon was hired in June 2016 to be the nanny for Kelis’ then six-month-old baby and her then seven-year-old son, whom she shares with NasShe was to work out of Kelis’ home and travel with her on tour to the tune of $750 a week to babysit, feed the kids, prepare bottles, organize closets, pack suitcases, help shower the kids, and wash clothes.
Via The BlastTascon claims she repeatedly asked about being paid but Kelis never did. In July 2016, they were overseas in London, where she claims Kelis fired her and left her without providing a return ticket home to Los Angeles.

The nanny says she bought a ticket to her mother’s home in Madrid, and then returned from there to Los Angeles. Tascon claimed she was owed over a hundred hours of wages and overtime, along with the $1,200 she spent on the flight home.

And the Labor Commissioner agreed with her.

Tascon won a judgment in the amount of $17,623.73 in spite of “Kelis’ argument the nanny had a problem returning phone calls or texts,” the report states.

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4 thoughts on “Kelis’ Former Nanny Wins Judgement After Singer Abandons Her Overseas

  1. Alva G on said:

    Free preview into her character or the lack of it. You just don’t do someone that way. The fact that she wasn’t paying her in full, at such a low rate (yet she was full-time and required full-time service) and was so vengeful to ditch the nanny in another country lends creedence to things said about her.
    How she treats others–especially someone who cared for her kids–is indicative of the part of her we don’t see on web sites or in the paparazzi glitz.

  2. The nanny should have gotten $100k for stress. Kelis is wrong on some many levels.. That nanny probably deserves combat pay. $750 is cheap for what she was asked to do. Fame went to her head & she forgot where she came from.

  3. Christianforreal on said:

    Good for her. And am I incorrect, or is $750.00 a week kind of cheap for the work that this Nanny was asked to do? Seems so to me, but bottom line this Kelis person was way out of line and she should have been made to pay more than she did.

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