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In a city courtroom as the family of slain victim, Danyna Gibson watched on in shock, 16-year old Tanaya Lewis who has been charged with first-degree murder was granted a Psychiatric exam Detroit News reports.

Lewis is accused of stabbing Gibson twice in the chest, once in the heart, and twice in the back for reasons related to a boy the two may have had a relationship with. The event occurred in the morning during class at Fitzgerald High School in Warren, MI.

The family of Gibson is shocked and upset, believing that Lewis and her attorney, Mark Brown are attempting to thwart the system by suggesting that she is in a mental state that makes her actions excusable to a certain extent.

Lewis is being held with no bail and will take on the mental competency exam which takes two months to fully process. In the meantime prosecutor Eric Smith is trying to convince the court that this was a premeditated event which the family also agrees with.

The Detroit Free Press reported the news originally, in the article Warren police Detective claimed that Lewis allegedly had no remorse, and had a smile on her face during the attack. The Detroit Free Press also reports that Macomb County Prosecutor Eric Smith states that Lewis chased the victim around the room during the attack. This is reportedly the first homicide at a Macomb County school.

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6 thoughts on “Teen Accused Of Stabbing Classmate To Death Being Granted Psychiatric Exam

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  2. tedgravely on said:

    Tough and sad. Two beautiful young girls. One young girl is dead; the other charged with premeditated murder. The precedent is set. Other young high school murderers are labeled with some type of mental illness or undiagnosed psychiatric problem. An exam is the minimum requirement. Tragic and senseless.

    • Oscar Sylvan on said:

      Black girls can be just as dementedly viscious as white boys,but the former at least don’t have as easy access to assault weapons as the latter.That crazy little bitch could have shot up the entire classroom as well as herself to cheat justice and keep us guessing why.

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