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(Photo Credit:  PR Photos)

Just because you’re an Academy Award-winning box office titan doesn’t mean you’re always going to receive the red carpet treatment, as Denzel Washington learned last weekend when a Las Vegas high roller booted the star from his seat before the Gennady Golovkin versus Canelo Álvarez middleweight championship fight because he was in the gambler’s spot.

Page Six reports that the incident went down in front A-listers Will Smith, LeBron James, Dave Chappelle and Latina actress and singer Greice Santo.

The gambler reportedly had trouble convincing Washington, who was sitting with Lakers legend Norm Nixon, to move.

“I love you, but you’re in my seat,” the man said. “This isn’t a movie. There’s no stuntman. This is real life.”

Denzel eventually gave up the seat.




28 thoughts on “Vegas Gambler Boots Denzel Washington From Seat At Boxing Match

  1. Kates1221, I have a problem with someone calling an innocent percent a “fllthy rich actor who wouldn’t speak to you… standing right next to him”. Denzel Washingto interviews like a very decent , law-abiding and respectable man. And he is one of the FEW famous , rich men who stays with one wife for drum roll———————
    T H I R Y F I V E plus years…….
    How many years has YOUR favorite male celebrity been with his FIRST and only wife ????
    Many would have already had more wives–OR worst, STUCK IT TO 15 or 20 women on the side. Only the idiot news like National Enquirer say Denzel doesn’t dearly love his wife.

  2. I don’t understand what the big story is. The gentleman asked that Denzel move so that he could have the seat that he had obviously paid good money for. Denzel moved. Where’s the story? This reminds me of that ridiculous story that made the headlines, of Beyonce sneezing on stage. Am I missing something?

  3. My 2 cents on said:

    This whole story is BS, Denzel would never attend an event without knowing his assign seat. Way too reserve and classy for nonsense. Wake the F@#$ up about false reports.

  4. Cara mac on said:

    Denzel would not sit in a seat that belonged to someone else people. Part of this story is missing. Why did he feel it was okay to sit there is the question.

  5. I like Denzel a lot, but if u take something that’s intended for someone else, u have to give it up, being rich and famous has nothing to do with it.

  6. Robert L Word on said:

    So the folks that took the gambler to the after party, did this because the gambler made D. give up his seat.
    2 questions
    A. What did D do to make them dislike him so?
    B. Where did D.finally watch the fight.
    cause if he stole the seat, he should have been booted. But how in the world would a respected Black Man, be treated so rudely?
    Not pushing racism, just reminding people that
    D is success. No matter how respectful they seem they don’t respect you

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