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Media Queen Wendy Williams is infamous for spilling the tea on your favorite celebrities but one topic that is often off the table is the status of her marriage to husband Kevin Hunter.

Hunter’s rumored infidelities remain a hot topic across social media, but the talk show host recently made time to set the record straight about her relationship.

During a recent appearance on DeDe in the Morning, host DeDe McGuire asked Williams if things were OK in her union, and the talk show host quickly pointed out that Hunter was waiting for her outside the door of the recording studio.

“No relationship is perfect, but I can tell you this: I’m glad the boy is gone,” Williams says of her marriage now that her son is at college, Atlanta Black Star reported.

“Because it’s got to be hard to be the son of DeDe McGuire or whomever in the media. So I want him to develop his own identity.”

Despite a Daily Mail report that he has been cheating on her for a decade, Williams has maintained her unwavering support of “my guy.”

The former radio host has even spoken out about her husband’s infidelity before.

“If you told me when I was 25 years old or 30 years old that I would stay around for a cheater, I would have been like you are lying,” she told Vlad TV in 2013. “I’ve got way too much to offer a man to stick around for him cheating on me. At that particular time, I had my career in radio, I was making a great salary, I had vacation property of my very own and the world was my oyster, so I definitely thought I wasn’t staying around for some cheating. But I did and I don’t regret it.”

Photos: Wendy Williams grades ‘RHOA’ cast
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36 thoughts on “Wendy Williams On Her Marriage To Kevin Hunter: ‘No Relationship Is Perfect’ [Video]

  1. Casey Quigley on said:

    Praise to Dr. Todd,i was lost in the world of misery,loosing my Man to another woman;he was my life,my love and my everything…but thanks to Dr.Todd,my man came back 48hrs after the spell was cast,now i believe in supernatural n metaphysical power.it can work for you too…. Todd’s contact manifest spell cast @ gmail. com…

  2. How are you gonna tear down another woman for staying with their cheating man (like khloe k) when you did the same damn thing! You can’t talk shit when you do the same shit!

  3. Ya’ll sho got a lot to say about someonelse’s business. When you have your own business, you mind your own business. That is her JOB and obviously she’s pretty good at it. Bet you watch. Get you some business!!!

  4. Brenda kennedy on said:

    Wendy trashes any and everybody she’s really a sad person or she wouldn’t enjoy telling other people what to do about their lives she is really Tobe pitied

  5. I like and admire Wendy. We all have our crosses to bear. This woman has worked hard and made a mark on her life and lives of others, family and friends. Lets enjoy and celebrate her for who she she is in the field of entertainment

  6. Lynnette on said:

    Sad thing these days, when your husband is your manager and you divorce him for cheating or anything he gets half of anything you have. So the reasons for staying May out weigh leaving. So sad.. prenups are so important. Nothing is guaranteed in love these days.❤️

  7. Anna L Howard on said:

    I have been married 44 yrs. Everyone think if there is a cheater you should leave that person but if you love someone this can heal and withstand another day. If you take your vows seriously in time the person that cheats will either honor or leave the marriage.

    • Nestafan2 on said:

      When your husband buys another woman a house and a Porshe (the mistress doesn’t work), you’re way past “we can work through this.” Being married 44 years is pointless if you were miserable for 40 of those years.

    • Yes….they will honor the marriage going forward with NO MORE CHEATING!!
      OR LEAVE!!
      The thing is..statistics show that cheaters usually CHEAT AGAIN!! Just keeping it real from someone who is divorced and has been there….

    • CYNTHIA MORRIS on said:

      BUT!!! How many MEN stay when the WOMAN cheats!!! I think women who stay have low self esteem and are weak. I would only stay if my husband let me have a free pass too. Then i could forgive him.

  8. Karla Delana Johnson on said:

    She can’t do any better, she obviously doesn’t have the self-esteem she says she does? Crazy and built like that, man looking chick!

  9. Cassandra Ann English on said:

    Well she has become a celebrity for dishing the gossip. She didn’t agree to be the gossip. She is human like the rest of us, she shouldn’t have to explain her personal business if she doesn’t want to. She has the right like everyone else to dodge any questions she like but of course we can all speculate and gossip about any and all of the celebrities business we want, but we don’t know any real facts, it’s all GOSSIP to me!

    • Queen Ester Calcote' on said:

      If she can dish it she will have to eat it when the gossip come around. It is true that he’s been with this woman for 10 years of even bought her house if she talks about juicy mess about other people ,well one day juiciness is going to house and be about her so if she can give it out she should be able to take it.it’s not what she signed up for.its just life. SO Queen of gossip so spill your tea

  10. Ms. Wendy is doing what works for her. Do it’s nobody’s business if she’s ok with being the other woman or main chick or whatever. Kevin can’t have two wives so Wendy IS the MRS.HUNTER no matter what this other woman thinks. I’ve been divorced and I don’t regret it. I wish them well .

  11. Sharron Cole White on said:

    Marriage is 100/100 both have to work as hard as the next do. Respect the union of two people no matter how tough it will become. I was taught never to quit something that you started. Cheater, liar, etc both man/woman must be clear on what they can handle their will

  12. She loves her husband even though he cheated on her and he’s going to continue to cheat because once a cheater always a chair but she has her own money and that’s makes her independent where she ain’t got to depend on him she can depend on herself

  13. Katheryn on said:

    When you get to a certain age, I feel, sometimes its easier to keep the clown you got instead of starting over with yet another dude that might end up doing the exact same thing also. So if he’s reformed, leave them alone I love Wendy. Some of you cornballs replying are probably in a relationship yourselves dealing with infidelity so stfu

    • Linda Garcia on said:

      I am sure she is fully aware of what that man does and has just succumed to his cheating ways.. it does make her look weak, desperate and full of really low self-esteem. Hey, mi casa tu casa

  14. So what is Wendy trying to convey here? That she has monies tied into this dysfunctional marriage and this is the reason that she’s staying around despite the cheating that’s taking place right under her nose.

  15. Britin17k on said:

    This would be a revelation if she hadn’t become the side piece in her sham of a marriage. She busy trying to hold onto this crosseyed bastard and he has gone on to start a brand new family!

  16. Steven Carter on said:

    Wendy ain’t shit but she talks about everyone business but want answer one question. But will tell u to leave ur cheating spouse but want leave hers.

    • Steven Carter! You said a mouthful, How dare she tries to entice someone to leave their cheating husband,when she has a cheating husband,The saying goes, you cannot clean up around someone else door, until you clean up around yours!

    • Glenda Parker on said:

      Wendy can dish but can’t take it. Perhaps if u wouldn’t dig so low in other people’s garbage maybe yours won’t stink so bad.

    • Jodie Traylor on said:

      Its obvious she has none because anytime a man who is married would buy his mistress a house a few blocks from his own wife house has no self respect for himself or his wife but she said for better or worse now he is at his worse she has to decide to trust God to save him or continue to live with him I believe while she is doing that she needs to keep her trap shut about everybody else household

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